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vómito, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɑmət/ /ˈvɒmɪt/

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    vómito masculino

verbo intransitivo

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    • Never vomit up a chemical on purpose until a doctor tells you to.
    • There is a sudden onset of severe vertigo, nausea, vomiting and the need to remain still.
    • He again become unwell two months later and was admitted to hospital with vomiting, drowsiness, and fever.
    • On the morning ward round the nurses mentioned that she had vomited earlier, and there was evidence of fresh vomit on her sheets.
    • It turned out that only a few patients had turned up at hospital with vomiting, and this was probably related to a common food source.
    • If the person vomits or bleeds from the mouth, turn the person on his or her side to prevent choking.
    • One of the four children, a two-year-old, had a stomach virus and was vomiting.
    • Her stomach rolled and she vomited for the second time that day.
    • The disease can flare-up suddenly, with symptoms including fever, pain and vomiting.
    • That sounds nice, but I think if I put something in my mouth, I'll vomit.
    • The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.
    • If you can eat solid food without vomiting, stick to bland foods such as crackers and noodles.
    • She presented again two weeks later, still vomiting up to four times a day, with associated nausea and light-headedness.
    • Forcing a person who has swallowed a caustic substance to vomit can be very dangerous.
    • Allowing yourself to vomit can help reduce nausea but do not force yourself to be sick.
    • His father vomits green bile, his body racked by heaves.
    • She had suffered a major haemorrhage four days after having her tonsils removed at the hospital and was vomiting blood.
    • Cooper vomits every time he takes even a few small bites, and he's generally not interested in it.
    • The winner got something like 18 down him, but we did get to see the delightful sight of one of the losers vomiting huge amounts.
    • All the 16 dead were found to have vomited white liquid before dying and all were aged between 50 and 70.

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