Traducción de voting machine en Español:

voting machine


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    máquina que registra y cuenta los votos emitidos
    • One entire forum was devoted to the topic of potential for vote fraud through electronic voting machines.
    • All he saw were votes transmitted by the voting machines.
    • In California you don't have to vote using an electronic voting machine.
    • Punch card voting machines failed to register a vote for president on an additional 5,000 ballots.
    • When they eventually reach the voting center, they are checked in and directed to one of the four voting machines to cast their votes.
    • There are also concerns that hackers could break into those voting machines and vote more than once.
    • Voters are using electronic voting machines in all four states holding Democratic primaries today.
    • The voter sees the ballot paper on the voting machine screen, sees preference details, and upon casting their vote, sees that their vote has been stored.
    • Millions of Americans will vote in the November elections with e-voting machines.
    • In Ireland, cartridges from voting machines in polling stations will be brought to the count centre before being read.
    • Protesters rallied in Washington pushing for a backup paper ballot system for electronic voting machines.
    • For the first time, all Georgia voters are using touch-screen electronic voting machines.
    • California's election officials have approved the use of electronic voting machines in 11 of the state's counties.
    • In Maryland, voters go to court to block the use of electronic voting machines.
    • Mechanical voting machines were used until 1974, and then gradually electronic versions began to replace them.
    • Problems with voting machines delayed election results and caused immeasurable heartache.
    • Mr Cullen said a publicity campaign will be run in the four new constituencies before the referendum vote to inform voters on the operation of the voting machine.
    • However, he thinks that electronic voting machines are far harder to tamper with than the paper ballots they replace.
    • She's the founder and driving force behind Black Box Voting, the woman who brought the electronic voting machine issue to the country.
    • Bombay has six constituencies equipped with electronic voting machines with anti-rigging safeguards.