Traducción de voting paper en Español:

voting paper

papeleta (de voto), n.


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    papeleta (de voto) femenino
    boleta (de voto) femenino América Latina
    registro de votaciones masculino
    historial de votaciones masculino
    • Voters will have to put a cross against their chosen candidate, seal the voting paper, then sign the declaration of identity.
    • It will result in more voting papers being in error and, as a consequence, being discarded.
    • Circulars and voting papers are being sent out this week and 75% of votes must be in favour for the deal to go ahead.
    • The election will be carried out by postal ballot with the first voting papers delivered to houses on 7 October.
    • This is well ahead of the June 22 deadline for return of voting papers in the ballot forced by Woollard.