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votivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈvoʊdɪv/ /ˈvəʊtɪv/

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    (candle/mass) votivo
    • Cities, as well as individuals, made votive offerings to the gods on special occasions.
    • Rivers were sacred in the Celtic world, and places where votive offerings were deposited and burials often conducted.
    • Fine or folk art created or utilized specifically for protection, intercession, or votive offering.
    • Also, the worshippers would cast their votive offerings for the goddess into the spring associated with the temple.
    • DeCredico's medium-size bronze sculptures, with their dark brown patina, make one think of cult objects or votive offerings.
    • There were also wall decorations, votive offerings, and richly furnished burials beneath the floors.
    • Among the objects on display here are votive offerings aimed at curing disease.
    • A successful banker from Monday to Friday, he spent many a weekend in Atlantic City, where he cast his wealth like a votive offering to the glittering shrines of Fortuna.
    • You can make votive lamps really easily by sticking a bit of paper towel/cotton ball into a small cup of olive oil and lighting the end.
    • Many votive offerings were found, including bronze dogs and models of limbs suggesting a healing cult.
    • Van der Velden offers a useful classification of votive gifts, of which the image is only one of many alternatives.
    • At Benwell, the god Antenociticus had a small temple outside the Roman fort that was found to contain three votive altars set up by soldiers.
    • The temple's courtyard has scores of small shrines and votive stupas.
    • These brightly painted feathered puppets represent spirits and figures from votive dances and are extensively collected.
    • His paintings, votive boxes, spirit bottles and sculpture are assembled from objects salvaged from the streets.
    • There are sacred votive caves where you can pick up thousand year-old beads that have been traded for salt as far away as China.
    • Later, elaborate designs were carved on precious wood, ivory and metals, including silver and brass, and inlaid with gold and silver wire, and they became votive objects of veneration for devotees.
    • Painted like Easter eggs, the crosses and ovals also suggest contemporary shrines and gently guide our thoughts toward gardens, votive objects and redemption.
    • It is difficult to accept her conclusion that ‘all autonomous images of wax, silver or gold should be interpreted as votive portraits’.
    • All around the competitors were votive dedications from successful athletes and cities, grateful for divine favor in athletics or in battle, respectively.