Translation of vulnerable in Spanish:


vulnerable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvəln(ə)rəb(ə)l/ /ˈvʌln(ə)rəb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    to be vulnerable to sth ser vulnerable a algo
    • There is an issue as to the extent to which he remains vulnerable to drug abuse and self harm.
    • The economy is vulnerable to a rise in the euro exchange rate or in interest rates.
    • The inmates say the new prisons leave them isolated and vulnerable to abuse by guards.
    • The time it takes to climb a rope or scale a ladder leaves soldiers highly vulnerable to attack.
    • Analysts will want to hear if the business could be vulnerable to the economic slowdown.
    • Its ice masses have been particularly vulnerable to the advance of global warming.
    • Normandy was his homeland and far more vulnerable to sudden attack than was his island kingdom.
    • But if your ego is vulnerable to start off with, it will bruise harder and for longer.
    • Young children are particularly vulnerable to the health impact of passive smoking.
    • These are testing times for America and for an economy vulnerable to a sudden fall in confidence.
    • Cash is also the most vulnerable to theft, and most travel policies only cover a few hundred pounds.
    • The price is also vulnerable to any deterioration in the security situation in the Middle East.
    • It may have failed in its bid for NatWest, but Bank of Scotland is far from vulnerable to a takeover.
    • Children are particularly vulnerable to teasing, which can cause great distress.
    • Rio Ferdinand is a big player for United and with him suspended United seemed vulnerable at the back.
    • People with severe mental illness are the most vulnerable in a society.
    • In some ways we're even more vulnerable to a flu pandemic than we were back then.
    • Children are especially vulnerable to disease and malnutrition and need urgent care and supplies to help them survive.
    • Older people can be some of our most vulnerable citizens and far too often can find it hard to speak out.
    • These are among the most vulnerable, fragile and threatened habitats in Britain.