Translation of wade in Spanish:


caminar, v.

Pronunciation /weɪd/

Definition of caminar in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (por el agua, barro etc) caminar
    he waded through the water caminaba por el agua
    • they had to wade across a stream tuvieron que vadear un arroyo
    • I waded out into the lake me adentré en el lago caminando
    • we had to wade through waist-deep mud tuvimos que caminar con el barro hasta la cintura

transitive verb

  • 1

    (river) vadear
    • All the other competitors were paired up in boats, while I struggled against a howling head wind, wading the brackish water from the bank.
    • I waded the chilly waters of the Avon just above the point known as Ath na Fiann.
    • We wade the cold water, fishing for an hour in the driving rain.
    • It is possible to walk round the loch, but you might have to wade the river at its southern end to reach the track which will return you to the Lodge.
    • Sometimes I would walk for days in the woods, checking snares, tracking deer, wading the river, just walking.
    • When wading the flats, you don't walk but shuffle your feet.
    • He, of course, was wading the Tweed in February, without waders.
    • The next morning, while wading a long stretch of the river, I begin to sink in sand.
    • In the evening, if you stand on the Roman bridge, you can watch men wading the torpid cressy river, carrying pans.
    • The anglers waded the river from John Fallon Bridge down to the Silver Swan Hotel on Saturday, July 26.
    • We waded the first river barefoot, chilly but by no means unpleasant on such a warm day.
    • It took me twenty minutes to wade the one hundred metres back to our hotel.
    • He first got hooked on fish as a boy wading the streams of Washington's Olympic Peninsula.
    • We will be wading some very big flats hunting big bones in very shallow water.
    • The rivers never have seen a dam, and the fish never have seen a hatchery, and the angler wading a remote gravel bar stands in the company of bears and eagles and wolves.
    • It can seem on prime summer days that only a handful of Texas' half-million coastal anglers are not wading the bays or surf.
    • If you're wading the flats, shuffle your feet - then if any rays are around they will pick up the vibrations and move away.
    • Don't try wading the flats like the locals do on your first trip.
    • Some people make sport of wading the Waddenzee at low tide wearing big rubber boots.
    • Every day brought similar exciting fishing, some of the best when wading the shallows near the reef.