Translation of wage in Spanish:


sueldo, n.

Pronunciation /weɪdʒ/

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  • 1

    (rate of pay)
    sueldo masculine
    salario masculine formal
    wages sueldo
    • a decent wage un sueldo decente
    • he's on a low wage gana poco
    • she earns a good wage gana bien
    • at the moment she's earning good wages actualmente está sacando bastante dinero
    • a day's wages un jornal
    • he gambled his week's wages se jugó el sueldo / la paga de una semana
    • I'll pay you when I get my wages te pagaré cuando cobre
    • the wages of sin is death el pecado se paga con la muerte
    • wage agreement acuerdo salarial
    • wage bargaining / negotiations negociaciones salariales
    • wage claim reivindicación salarial
    • wage demand demanda salarial
    • wage increase aumento salarial / de sueldo
    • wage labor mano de obra asalariada
    • wage labour mano de obra asalariada
    • wage restraint moderación salarial
    • wage rise aumento salarial / de sueldo
    • wage round serie de negociaciones salariales
    • wage scale escala salarial
    • wages clerk empleado encargado del pago de nóminas
    • wage slip recibo de sueldo
    • wages snatch robo de nómina
    • wage talks negociaciones salariales
    • That means a writer not only has to write, but crucially, have accepted, three plays a year just to earn the national average wage.
    • They were weary of working twelve hour days, seven days a week for subsistence wages.
    • This is already the case for ministers of state, who employ their drivers on a fixed wage.
    • The intention is to force up unemployment, drive down wages and reduce taxation.
    • But United pay his weekly wages so Keane is careful not to tread on the precious egos of anybody still at the club.
    • I'm thinking it'll cost half my daily wages in cab fare, but it might just be worth it.
    • A multinational behind glamorous fashion and perfume brands pays its factory workers starvation wages.
    • Therefore, there is a working class that is turning into daily wage labor.
    • Careful tracking of the production of each worker was kept and served as the basis for wage payment.
    • Many can't afford to take this time off, because they receive no wage or social welfare payment while they do so.
    • Workers pay taxes on cash wages but not on fringe benefits like health insurance.
    • My entitlement is based on my earnings two years ago when I was earning a good wage.
    • Of course, those poor people who were lucky enough to have jobs at the minimum wage would now be earning lower wages.
    • An average worker on a full-time wage is taxed less than in Australia, as a proportion of wages.
    • My wife and I are in our late 20s and are earning below national average wages.
    • Rises earlier this year in tax and national insurance mean that average take-home wages are falling.
    • In retirement, most people would love to earn the average wage per annum.
    • In just 5 years the wages and salaries earned by New Zealanders have increased by 32 percent.
    • The tight labor market meant that workers in all wage groups earned more money.
    • Many of us earn an average wage and as things stand now would not be able to afford private health care.

transitive verb

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    to wage war on / against sb hacerle la guerra a algn
    • to wage a campaign against sth hacer (una) campaña contra algo
    • to wage war on inflation/crime luchar contra / hacerle la guerra a la inflación/la delincuencia
    • the struggle is being waged on many fronts la batalla se está librando en varios frentes