Translation of waggish in Spanish:


bromista, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwæɡɪʃ/ /ˈwaɡɪʃ/

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    (person) bromista
    (person) burlón
    (remark) jocoso
    (remark) burlón
    • Still, there is an irony to it that may appeal to Boris's waggish nature.
    • In transcribing clumsy translations of the titles, I noticed that de Pomiane's titles were often waggish.
    • The New York Times ran a waggish headline: ‘From the Voice of Dogma Comes the Sound of Music.’
    • Passengers at Haymarket station are sustained in their long vigils by the wit of a waggish train announcer who does his best to bring cheer to their dismal existences.
    • It put a face to the voice, so often heard on local radio telling waggish tales of country life.