Traducción de wait en Español:


esperar, v.

Pronunciación /weɪt/

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verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      to wait to + inf
      • she's waiting to see the doctor
      • I'm waiting to see his reaction
      to wait for sth/sb esperar algo/a algn

      • I'm waiting for a bus/friend
      • I'll wait for you at the station
      to wait for sb/sth to + inf esperar (a) que algn/algo + subj

      • they're just waiting for him to die
      to wait on sth/sb (to + inf)
      • I'm waiting on a call from New York
      • I'm just waiting on my boss to retire
      I waited (for) hours estuve horas esperando
      • I'll wait until tomorrow esperaré hasta mañana
      • wait until he asks you espera (a) que él te pregunte
      • sorry to keep you waiting perdón por hacerlo esperar
      • he loves to keep people waiting le encanta hacerse esperar
      • I can't wait to go on vacation no veo la hora de irme de vacaciones
      • I can't wait to see his face me muero de ganas de ver la cara que pone
      • shoe repairs while you wait se arregla calzado en el acto

    • 1.2(be postponed)

      (business/repairs) esperar
      is it urgent, or can it wait? ¿es urgente o puede esperar?
      • Signing Dillon to a long-term deal is a priority, but it will wait until the off season.
      • Postpone those decisions that can wait until you feel more able to deal with them.
      • Subtitled ‘another side of Cirque du Soleil,’ this one'll have to wait till the kids are in bed.
      • Anyhoo, I've run out of energy, and so any investigation of what on Earth the Council of Ministers is, will have to wait till some other time.

  • 2

    to wait on sb atender a algn
    • Seneca ridiculed a wealthy man because he kept a handsome slave who was dressed like a woman when he waited at table.
    • He was one of the footmen who waited at table.
    • If the truth be known, waiting tables was my only income.
    • The role involves mainly waiting tables, but occasionally also working behind the bar.
    • The only member of that group who will wait on tables next Sunday is Sean Carroll who has served at all of the 45 parties.
    • I felt like a fraud, sitting in a pleasant room, served three delicious meals a day and being waited on by quietly efficient and obviously busy staff who even spoke a little English.
    • He then worked as an electronic appliance technician before switching to blue-collar jobs such as waiting on restaurant tables and selling audio equipment.
    • The greatest of celebrity musicians will do fine under any system, while those who are currently waiting on tables or driving a cab to support themselves have nothing to lose.
    • The arts for most is a sacrifice and in New Zealand many of your favorite local artists may well have served you a drink, or waited on your table - when anywhere else in the world they may well be living the high life.
    • The fortnight was officially launched on Tuesday, with visitors to the city's Market Square being waited on and served fine food and drink.
    • Some 12 or so young people from the Fagley Youth Club waited on table, served our food and generally looked after us to make it a wonderful party.
    • In 1938, a young Tennessee Williams earned his keep waiting on tables in nearby Toulouse Street.
    • No free training and advice, no house, clothes and media spotlight, just singing, acting, shooting or writing between waiting on tables and scrubbing floors.
    • Testino arrived from Lima, in Peru, almost thirty years ago, with nothing to his name and ended up waiting tables to pay his way.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to wait one's chance esperar la oportunidad
    • I'm waiting my chance to get my own back estoy esperando la oportunidad de desquitarme
    • you have to wait your turn tienes que esperar (a) que te toque
  • 2coloquial

    don't wait dinner for me no me esperen para cenar
    • He'd kept everything warm in the oven for her and Ashton agreed to wait dinner on her as he wasn't hungry.
  • 3

    to wait table servir a la mesa


  • 1

    espera femenino
    a two-hour wait una espera de dos horas
    • we're in for a long wait vamos a tener que esperar un buen rato