Translation of walk-through in Spanish:


ensayo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔk ˌθru/

Definition of ensayo in Spanish


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    ensayo masculine
    • A plan walk-through introduces the crisis team to the emergency response plan.
    • Go to Edit / Preferences in the drop-down menus and do a thorough walk-through along these lines.
    • Blogger is featured prominently, and there are detailed walk-throughs of setting up your own weblog.
    • The new guide provides a theological walk-through of the rite's significance in a question-and-answer format.
    • For a more detailed walk-through, including more screen captures and expanded examples, check out my web site in the Resources section.
    • You're probably running either an ATI or nVidia card, so turn the page and we'll give you a quick walk-through of each company's panels.
    • So I hope to interview Ed later this month, and get the walk-through on IBM's Workspace strategy and client technology.
    • If you get stumped, the manual does give you a URL to a website with hints, and complete walk-throughs on the mysteries.
    • Conduct a plan walk-through when a new program is initiated, like a challenge course, or as a new full-time staff member is hired.
    • Here is the fingerprint we were attempting to match, and a brief walk-through on how we accomplished this goal.
    • Last week, when the media and the governor's staff assembled for an election-night-planning walk-through, the hotel's grand Crystal Ballroom was off-limits.
    • Chapter four provides an excellent walk-through on setting up Samba to handle logon scripts, roaming profiles and system policies.
    • They are able to provide post-flight analysis and mission reconstruction - the ability to debrief with a second-by-second walk-through of the mission immediately after each sortie.
    • Other than the installation walk-through, I have had no contact with Workstation Solutions' customer support, so I cannot tell you how good it really is.
    • Troop leaders conducted sand table exercises, followed by walk-throughs, with every vehicle commander participating and providing input.
    • ‘The exhibit is a walk-through of the entire second film,’ Ivey explains.
    • Without a walk-through the task seems daunting.