Translation of Walkman in Spanish:


walkman, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔkmən/ /ˈwɔkˌmæn/ /ˈwɔːkmən/

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nounplural Walkmans

  • 1

    walkman masculine Trademark
    • The Walkman gave people their own music on the move for the first time, but they were limited by the number of songs a CD or tape could hold.
    • It pioneered the category when it introduced the original Walkman in 1979.
    • Yet ‘Hold My Hand,’ which sounds as if she recorded it on a Walkman, mesmerizes still.
    • Whether people start ditching their iPods and Walkmans in favour of their mobile though remains to be seen.
    • Listening on a Walkman often makes the music more personal and direct.