Translation of walkout in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔkˌaʊt/ /ˈwɔːkaʊt/


  • 1

    retirada en señal de protesta (from talks, meeting)
    • We have had a massive rejection of the pay offer and there have been unofficial walkouts.
    • They know this would probably lead to solidarity walkouts and a wider strike.
    • There were walkouts of council workers in neighbourhood offices around Birmingham.
    • The Herald strike follows a series of walkouts by journalists and printers over the last three weeks.
    • Dawn picket lines were set up Monday following a weekend walkout over pay.
    • Before the game, players staged an impromptu walkout to protest ever-rising salaries.
    • Shier was eventually removed as managing director after a series of staff walkouts and national protests.
    • The proposed cuts were met with mass walkouts, first by public sector workers and then by the rest of the Argentine unions.
    • Refuse collectors in Coventry staged an unofficial walkout on Wednesday of last week.
    • Pupils staged a walkout in May to protest about teaching standards.
    • Austrian workers have staged three mass walkouts, the biggest strikes in the country since 1945.
    • For the past five weeks, the workers have staged walkouts, placed bans on overtime and worked-to-rule.
    • Journalists in New Zealand are either on strike, or are planning walkouts over work contract negotiations.
    • The walkout was provoked by a monitoring system BA wants to introduce.
    • We need to seriously discuss college occupations, mass protests, and walkouts and strikes to stop the war machine.
    • We were fortunate in that the day afterwards the council management called a meeting at which someone suggested a protest walkout.
    • The delay comes as protests, including walkouts by hundreds of students opposed to the takeover, have mounted in recent weeks.
    • Rival DaimlerChrysler last month struck a deal with trade unions, but only after its plans had prompted walkouts and protests.
    • Ahonen described the walkouts on April 27 as ‘demonstrations’ rather than strikes.
    • Civil servants announced their campaign against an imposed pay deal with unofficial walkouts and will be balloting for strikes next month.
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    abandono del trabajo como medida reivindicatoria (strike)