Translation of walkover in Spanish:


walkover, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔkˌoʊvər/ /ˈwɔːkəʊvə/


  • 1

    (victory by default)
    (victoria por la no comparecencia del contrincante) walkover masculine
  • 2informal

    (easy victory)
    paseo masculine informal
    the match was a walkover el partido fue un paseo / fue pan comido informal
    • Every year there are professional teams getting knocked out of the Cup by amateur clubs and, while there are some walkover games, there are others that are very close.
    • ‘It really isn't going to be a walkover to enforce this law,’ she says.
    • In defeats, small or big, much is learned but walkovers are soul-destroying.
    • What was expected to be a walkover almost turned into a nightmare for Denmark in their World Cup qualifying group three bout against Malta last night.
    • True, they realized that it wouldn't be a walkover.
    • We are giving the fans a genuine fight, and it is not going to be a walkover.
    • Another election walkover - the punters are in the palms of our hands.
    • While decisive, the women's victory wasn't exactly a walkover.
    • But the tour will be no walkover as the Australians will be seeking to retrieve some prestige.
    • With Castellana enjoying his best year as a driver, Smith knew his first-round race would be no walkover.
    • Small, splintered and cash-strapped opposition parties struggled against shifting electoral boundaries and costly election fees as the PAP enjoyed another walkover win last year.
    • So why is everyone assuming it will be another walkover for Labour on May 5?
    • After his walkover first-round victory, Vaks went on to lose in the third round of the competition.
    • The Exeter game was a bit of a walkover for them in the end but I don't think that will happen again.
    • The Italians weren't walkovers, repelling a number of New Zealand's opportunities in the first 10 minutes and eventually crossing for a try 11 minutes after half-time.
    • Such internal turmoil might have resulted in the past from a damaging military defeat, but has never followed such a walkover victory.
    • Fast, intelligent and a great tackler, he will be no walkover, even for players as good as Olivier Magne, Budge Pountney and Neil Back.
    • His victory over Handley wasn't exactly a walkover; Handley's parents own a squash club in Oxfordshire so he knows his way around a squash court and moves with grace and economy.
    • Although I'm confident Ali would have defeated Louis, it would have been a close fight and not a walkover as some have suggested.
    • Ferris concludes that ‘the Battle of Britain was a walkover, one of the most one-sided victories in military history’.