Traducción de wallet en español:


cartera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɑlət/ /ˈwɔlət/ /ˈwɒlɪt/

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  • 1

    (for money)
    cartera femenino
    billetera femenino
    billetero masculino
    • I know there are the big fold out credit card wallets but I'm running out of pockets and I can't quite bring myself to carry a handbag.
    • Not wanting to put our lives at risk, we handed over the money in our wallets.
    • I spent two hours sliding pieces of paper into plastic wallets and putting them in files.
    • He pulls out his Iqaluit Legion membership card from his wallet, and flips it over.
    • Mr Parks had left the money in a wallet inside the hooded Puma top, which was in a bag of old clothes he donated to the shop.
    • Cash-outs and lower payments will put additional money in shoppers' wallets.
    • The new cards only have to be held near a special reader in order to function and cardholders don't have to remove the card from their wallets.
    • I just think it's stupid to have so much money in the wallet when you're doing the town at night.
    • He only looked through her wallet after leaving the flat, having stolen it in the hope that it contained money.
    • When she went to pay for her chosen items, her handbag had been slit open and her wallet and money were gone.
    • With a sigh, he pulls an impressive-looking wallet from his pocket and shows a badge to our translator.
    • So I checked the back pocket for a wallet, took it out and found a driving licence.
    • He stole a mobile phone from his top pocket and a wallet from a jacket.
    • The wallet contained very little money but he would have been disappointed to think that he had lost it.
    • Finally, how do youth attitudes toward religion play our when it comes to their wallets and pocketbooks?
    • The crowd responded in kind, with people digging out money from pockets, purses, and wallets.
    • I've never understood why people carry their wallets in a back pocket instead of a front one.
    • Charlie's father had drilled it in to him to keep his pockets empty and his wallet light.
    • Of course, while these cheques sit in our wallets and purses, they aren't earning us money, so we're losing out on interest.
    • The money duly came from the public's purses and wallets, as it has done ever since.
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    carpeta femenino