Translation of war in Spanish:


guerra, n.

Pronunciation /wɔr/ /wɔː/

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    guerra feminine
    during the (19)14-18 war durante la guerra del 14
    • the War of Independence la Guerra de la Independencia
    • First/Second World War Primera/Segunda Guerra Mundial
    • World War I/II Primera/Segunda Guerra Mundial
    • a holy war una guerra santa
    • to be at war with sb/sth estar en guerra con algn/algo
    • to wage war hacer la guerra
    • to declare war on sb/sth declararle la guerra a algn/algo
    • to go to war (with sb) (over sth) entrar en guerra (con algn) (por algo)
    • an act of war un acto bélico / de guerra
    • the war on crime/poverty la lucha contra la delincuencia/la pobreza
    • the class war la lucha de clases
    • war dead muertos de guerra
    • war refugee refugiado de guerra
    • war veteran veterano de guerra

intransitive verb warring, warred, warred

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    batallar literary
    • Every emotion he'd ever known warred within his head and gut, twisting his insides about with sickening force.
    • As both books well demonstrate, the organizations warred with each other as much as they worked against a common enemy.
    • Frustration and uncertainty had warred within him as he awaited Jerry's arrival home.
    • Anticipation, want, fear, and affection warred within her.
    • Her quicksilver changes of intent, complex multiple qualities, polyrhythms, and opposing body parts warred with Anderson's weeping strings to create a moving picture of grief.
    • I warred with the idol-worshipping hill chiefs,
    • And some of the rivalries were extremely strong; none so like with Assassin's Cliff, but other holdings occasionally warred against each other.
    • Princes in their capitals concentrated secular and spiritual power and conducted rites for their principalities, and they warred for subjects, booty and land, and control of the sea trade.
    • It seems that despite all our best efforts to revitalize our communities, we'd somehow traveled back to the time when drug gangs warred on our streets and gunshots kept us awake at night.
    • The United States also warred against and seriously weakened the Buddhist church movement, the second largest constituency organization in the South.
    • William Blake is an obvious and accepted precursor, for his painting skill, for his borderline madness, and for his construction of a private world warred over by the forces of innocence and experience.
    • Greeks (under Alexander the Great), Persians, Medians, Sassanians, Parthians warred there.
    • For centuries, it has played out: the Greeks warred with the Macedonians much as the Chinese now oppress the Tibetans, and the Hutus fight the Tsutsi.
    • Women have warred, and still do, often bitterly, over what art qualifies as ‘feminist.’
    • These are people who have been practical politicians but they represent folks in Iraq who have warred with each other from the beginning of the country.
    • Every administration has warred with reporters, but his is the first to challenge the very legitimacy of the press.
    • Harnak made himself speak calmly, but disbelief and hope warred in him.
    • Gale then tried to scowl at him, but the amusement was visible in her narrowed eyes and the hints of a smile warred with her frown.
    • As these images warred in my mind, my thoughts just started flowing, and a poem formed.
    • Even though for centuries Spaniards and Arabs warred against each other, the basic way of life remains similar.