Translation of war machine in Spanish:

war machine

maquinaria bélica, n.


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    maquinaria bélica feminine
    • Monty was a highly experienced soldier, the hero of the battle of El Alamein; Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander with ultimate authority to direct the vast resources of the allied war machine.
    • The game is played out in real time as you build bases and command armies while making sure you are harvesting enough resources to keep the war machine going.
    • With a huge war machine, the US government will gain in military terms.
    • During World War I, while some young men donned doughboy uniforms in the service for Uncle Sam at a government wage, others went into factories to arm the war machine.
    • The Soviet war machine in this period was arguably the most powerful in Europe and increasing in potency year by year.
    • The company was so wound up with the German war machine, the Australian army raided its offices in 1914 to end its traffic with enemy agencies.
    • Overnight, it seemed, our war machine metastasized and our mass media militarized.
    • However, with both an over-extended war machine and an economy dependent like the war machine - on rapidly dwindling fossil fuels, that disaster may not be long in the offing
    • When polls show 70% of Americans against war, the war machine has a problem.
    • Many German-Americans would serve alongside US forces fighting the Axis war machine in World War II.
    • It is about a desire on the part of those that have hijacked the American government to create a permanent war machine abroad, and a proto-fascist state at home.
    • To meet the needs of the Iraqi war machine and the servicing of government debt, the Baath Party stepped up attacks on the working class.
    • This is no time to stand with a Labour government that has thrown its lot in with the US war machine while attacking groups like the firefighters at home.
    • We call for the dismantling of the Pentagon war machine and the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction, above all in the United States and other imperialist centers.
    • Derek Durkin from Scotland No 2 branch added, ‘We can't continue to finance a war machine that is gunning down our members.
    • Pearl Harbor became a battle cry, and the U.S. war machine was put in high gear and led to the defeat of Imperial Japanese troops in 1945.
    • Whatever the future for the National Missile Defence system, the might of the US war machine is already daunting.
    • Hydroelectric dams - invincible to the inaccuracies of high-altitude bombing - powered the Reich's war machine.