Translation of warder in Spanish:


celador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔrdər/ /ˈwɔːdə/

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    (de una cárcel) celador masculine
    (de una cárcel) celadora feminine
    • The escapees, who were apparently being guarded by three prison warders while the others fought the fire, overpowered them and fled into the surrounding rural areas.
    • It irritated many, myself included, to hear that the prison warders of Wakefield Jail had been ordered to take off the England flag tie pins they were wearing to raise cash for a cancer charity.
    • Yet, unaccountably, once he was faced with prisons, prisoners and warders, Balfour stopped entertaining the people.
    • ‘I am a prison warder in Glenochil but I feel more threatened walking around here at night,’ he says.
    • It's not a name which trips easily off the tongue, unless, of course, you happen to be a warder in a Singapore prison.
    • It has been revealed that white staff warders handcuffed a prisoner to his cell bars, pulled down his trousers and smeared black boot polish on his buttock, in a racially motivated attack.
    • The inquiry heard how warders handcuffed a prisoner, believed to be a foreign national, to his cell bars, pulled down his trousers and smeared black boot polish onto his buttocks.
    • After the war he became a prison warder and served in Mountjoy and Portlaoise Prisons.
    • This prisoner, a former policeman, was allegedly helping prison warders draw up false statements for submission to the commission, Barlow said.
    • The commission is expected to dissect the video scene in which a prison warder is apparently seen delivering a juvenile convict to an adult's cell for sex and being paid R20 for his services.
    • The first time the army refused and sent him back to prison camp - this time as a warder in the military jail at Barlinnie.
    • The Daily Dispatch has learnt that 20 out 24 prison warders in King William's Town took ‘sick leave’.
    • A source told the Daily Dispatch that two prison warders heard the siren signalling an escape and drove into West Bank, where they saw two men running and tried to stop them.
    • Hofmeyr said the current investigation showed prison warders had received kickbacks from certain doctors for false claims against the medical aid fund.
    • He was one of 10 convicted prisoners who escaped from the prison on June 8 after holding up prison warders at gunpoint and locking them in a cell.
    • A warder in a Paris prison lost her sense of smell, taste and the hearing in one ear after she was beaten by an inmate earlier this year.
    • A prison warder was called as a witness, to enable Barker to establish the harsh character of solitary confinement in the jail.
    • However, although Roberts was accompanied by a prison warder to the tournament, he was found to have boxed without a licence.
    • Actors playing warders, who were walking with prisoners, were not allowed to walk past other warders walking with prisoners in the corridor.