Translation of warlike in Spanish:


bélico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔrˌlaɪk/ /ˈwɔːlʌɪk/

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    (preparations) bélico
    (preparations) de guerra
    (tribe) guerrero
    (tribe) belicoso
    • They made warlike preparations and decided to strike at the first opportunity.
    • Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with those warlike preparations which cover our waters and darken our land.
    • It can no longer present its warlike policies as being in accordance with the political will of the whole nation.
    • The loser, laying aside all warlike intentions, will have to retire to the forest with his party forever.
    • The industrial forces are opposed to the warlike policy of the present Prime Minister.
    • The country's warlike policies are not only directed against foes abroad but also at home.
    • The secretive machinery set up to serve warlike purposes still patterns much of our research and innovation processes today.
    • The Government has decided the nature of service for Operation Falconer is warlike for the purpose of conditions of service entitlements.
    • Personnel are not to travel to countries where there are warlike operations.
    • He was awarded a distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations.
    • I do think that we have to take action, warlike action on those who've taken action on us.
    • When he assumed power in 27 BC, Augustus was confronted with the problem of subduing the Alpine region, whose warlike tribes threatened the communications between Italy and Gaul.
    • Once the forbidding territory of the warlike Mackenzie clan, the estate land was acquired in the 19th century by the Earl of Zetland.
    • Some of the warlike clans among the Irish were constantly engaging the British along the border of the Pale.
    • Political leaders were more honest about the warlike nature of nations a hundred years ago.
    • Tacitus described them as a strong and warlike nation.
    • They are large, muscular people, with a warlike and aggressive culture.
    • As an island nation, and at times a pretty warlike one, it should come as no real surprise to find that Britain has some of the finest and most dramatic coastal castles and fortifications in the world.
    • According to the historian, Western Europe during the so-called Age of Faith was the most warlike civilization on earth.
    • The president's inaugural address talks about all sorts of possibilities for this country, not just warlike ones but peaceful ones.
    • To be sure, the acts of that day had a warlike aspect.