Translation of warmth in Spanish:


calor, n.

Pronunciation /wɔrmθ/ /wɔːmθ/

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    calor masculine
    we huddled together for warmth nos acurrucamos juntos para darnos calor
    • I appreciate the sun, the increased hours of daylight, some moderate warmth.
    • Touching her hands is like touching ice, without warmth even in the heat of summer.
    • You can expect about six hours of sunshine a day, and warmth rather than heat - ideal for walking.
    • Melbourne is cold, rainy and dreary after the relative warmth of Sydney sun.
    • The Wallabies say they are here to learn how to win away from home, and to play in different conditions from the sun and warmth they are used to.
    • The warmth of the sun soon dried the moisture from the new body.
    • I don't know about you lot but doesn't the sun and warmth make you feel just that much better, a little more cheerful and energetic?
    • Indecision can be ignored entirely while I bask in sun and warmth until some time Tuesday.
    • It was a lovely early sun, full of warmth, and promising more for the day.
    • The gold zari fabric of the cape reflects the encompassing warmth of the sun's rays.
    • The clouds were starting to stretch out and dissipate as the Sun's warmth moved further away.
    • The morning came and Elizabeth woke to the bright sun shining it's warmth on her face.
    • The warmth of the sun, the feel of grass on his skin, and the sweet smell of the air all told him that it was real!
    • The cold dark days of winter seem to be fading as we notice buds starting to push their way through the earth towards the growing warmth of the sun.
    • Elizabeth sighed and pulled herself out of the comforting warmth of her bed.
    • She lay on the very bed that he had ordered made for her, so that she would always know comfort and warmth.
    • Mexx has lined a pair of beige trousers with fleece for extra comfort and warmth.
    • He draws on a roll of tobacco, which provides him warmth and grants yet another form of slow death.
    • I'll take the sun, and extend its light and its warmth as far as I'm able.
    • Yes, it was definitely darker - the sun still shone, but its warmth had gone.
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    (of smile) lo cariñoso
    (of smile) lo afectuoso
    (of welcome) lo caluroso
    • The Queen Mother through her gracious smile generated warmth and kindness to us all.
    • Nana, another year has passed yet the memory of you, your warmth and love and kindness and the lessons you taught me, do not fade.
    • Wit, irony and lightness were always balanced, for Smith, by genuine affection and warmth.
    • Ahmed is thankful to his Hyderabad Sultans mates for their warmth and affection.
    • Without any kindness or warmth, he quickly placed one hand on my waist and the other in mine.
    • Shih Tzu puppies at one week of age can respond to their breeder with warmth and affection.
    • His eyes opened and they were filled with the kindness and warmth that she was used to seeing.
    • She felt such warmth and kindness from him, as well as a fierceness to protect, and an urge to do what he thought was the right thing.
    • When you talk to someone older to you, talk to them with warmth and affection.
    • The public greeted the great entertainer with great warmth and much enthusiasm.
    • Will's face softened with warmth and affection as he beheld his son for the first time.
    • Desir exhibited such warmth, caring and concern that she made me forget that I was upset.
    • We experienced the warmth and kindness of the local people who soon became our friends.
    • He is a man who hides the scars of personal tragedy but whose warmth and understanding endear him to people on the edge.
    • The warmth of the welcome and the cleanliness of beaches were two factors rated as being particularly good.
    • The warmth of the welcome was all the more impressive because the people had so little.
    • Armed with a big smile, Ninia's warmth on stage, and off, lets her get away with murder.
    • The warmth of the welcome is overwhelming given the previous hours of solitude.
    • That smile was full of warmth and sweetness and I'll never forget such as a smile in my whole lifetime.
    • Her icy gaze and menacing snarl turn on a dime to sparkling warmth and dazzling smile.
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    (of color, atmosphere)
    calidez feminine