Translation of warring in Spanish:


en guerra, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɔrɪŋ/ /ˈwɔːrɪŋ/


  • 1

    (countries/tribes) en guerra
    (factions) enfrentado
    • But they also know that if we cut and run, their country would be at the mercy of warring groups which are united only in their distaste for democracy.
    • The security troops stood by around the campus at the request of the warring groups and the university rector.
    • Indeed, human rights are the middle ground on which they tried to bring together the warring groups.
    • His songs have the power to stop warring groups and turn them toward peace.
    • The warring factions resume peace talks at the United Nations today.
    • Keeping the warring factions behaving in a civilised fashion can be a very difficult job.
    • Step one would be to pour cold water on the warring factions and keep such analysis in-house.
    • It has taken five years for peace to be declared between the warring factions.
    • The warring factions got wind of what he was going to do.
    • Amazingly in Rwanda, the warring factions declared they would not harm the gorillas.
    • It needed the combined effort of several team officials who raced onto the field to separate the warring factions.
    • It was rather difficult to constantly be the neutral faction in a warring household.
    • The chairman, who will not come from any of the warring factions, is expected to be picked this week.
    • This scheme will involve trained mediators bringing warring parties together to discuss and sort out their differences.
    • They called for a day of peace between warring street gangs.
    • If only Australia did have a warring half dozen papers, each out to humiliate and bankrupt the other, how much better served we would be.
    • In 11 other cases the children were either returned voluntarily or the warring parties reached an agreement.
    • On these warring accounts of the past, futures are built.
    • It's taken delicate negotiations with the warring parties to come this far.
    • At the turn of the twentieth century, American Protestantism split into two warring camps.