Traducción de wassail en Español:


montar una juerga, v.

Pronunciación /ˈwɑsəl/ /ˈwɑˌseɪl/ /ˈwɒseɪl/ /ˈwɒs(ə)l/ /ˈwas(ə)l/

verbo intransitivo

arcaico, humorístico
  • 1

    (drink alcohol)
    montar una juerga coloquial
    • They dominate nearly half the tavern's area, loudly drinking, singing, boxing, and otherwise wassailing to the extent that almost nothing else can be heard or done by others.
    • After 1800, this Christmas misrule took on a nastier tone, as young and alienated working-class New Yorkers began to use wassailing as a form of rambling riot, sometimes invading people's homes and vandalizing their property.
    • Before enclosures, festivals were vigorously convivial; they were ‘off-licence’ times, drunken, licentious and rude, from midsummer ales to apple-tree wassailing, to May Day's liaisons.
    • A history like this and it took them 40 odd years to get rid of the Red Army; probably too busy wassailing to notice, I shouldn't wonder.
    • It's a general description of nineteenth-century English Christmas customs, including wassailing and guising, apparently taken from published accounts.
    • Every man, woman and child seems to be out wassailing - bar one.
    • It's an old tradition, which, along with wassailing and mumming, we have performed over the years in and around Skipton, and many people, especially those young in heart, enjoy the music and dance in which all are invited to participate.
    • Forms of worship will be exempt under the law but, together with traditional forms of music like wassailing, music events held in churches will not.
    • Snuggled away in other cottages, you'll find chestnut sellers and storytellers, mummers and madrigal singers - to really get into the spirit of the thing, you could wassail your way from door to door.
  • 2

    (sing carols)
    cantar villancicos