Translation of waste in Spanish:


desperdicio, n.

Pronunciation /weɪst/

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  • 1

    (of fuel, materials)
    desperdicio masculine
    derroche masculine
    a waste of time una pérdida de tiempo
    • it's a waste of money es tirar el dinero
    • don't you think it's a waste of space? ¿no te parece que estás desperdiciando / desaprovechando espacio?
    • a waste of effort un esfuerzo inútil
    • it's a waste of breath trying to make him see reason tratar de que entre en razón es gastar saliva inútilmente
    • the waste of food here is dreadful es espantoso cómo tiran aquí la comida
    • there is no waste in this ham este jamón no tiene desperdicio
    • we can save money by avoiding waste podemos economizar evitando los despilfarros
    • she's working as a waitress: it's such a waste! trabaja de camarera: ¡qué desperdicio!
    • Elections even at a state level cost money and both parties wish to avoid an unnecessary waste of money by contesting in an election that they will lose.
    • It was an inappropriate appointment, in that it was clearly a dismal waste of his extravagant talents.
    • We went for a weekend, which on the face of it sounds like an extravagant waste of time, but was actually painlessly good fun.
    • When they barely had power for lighting it seemed an extravagant waste.
    • But parents see this as a waste of taxpayers' money.
    • I have a whole rant about my sister's presence and the waste of money it was to bring her here to do nothing but sit around and watch television, but that's been said and done already.
    • Others have called the project a waste of taxpayers' money.
    • It's a waste of time, a waste of your money, a waste of your life.
    • In fact he reckons it's a giant waste of taxpayer's money.
    • These little actions are a waste of time, money and efforts.
    • Not surprisingly, the opinion of the people sitting around me was that the blimp was an absurd waste of taxpayer money.
    • So, in fact, that process has been a complete waste of time.
    • Most replies wanted the cheapest option and thought the council a waste of money.
    • Is funding a project like this a good idea or a waste of money?
    • You might think the opposition would savage such a profligate waste of taxpayers' money.
    • What exactly he intended with this disgusting waste of celluloid is a complete mystery.
    • The waste of talent in our country and in our world today is an affront.
    • The waste of energy can hit the environment hard.
    • And I don't know if I'm more afraid that it will be the hugest, grossest waste of my time ever, or that I will actually enjoy it.
    • It might be a waste of water, but in an extreme case it is a better alternative than a frozen, busted pipe on a freezing winter night.
  • 2

    • 2.1(refuse)

      residuos masculine
      desechos masculine
      human waste excrementos
      • A nearly inert material, concrete is suitable as a medium for recycling waste or industrial by-products.
      • Many are turned into cesspools and dumping sites for solid waste, including hazardous materials.
      • Americans are right to refuse truckloads of garbage that contain biomedical waste and radioactive material.
      • The council has tried to address the problem of illegally dumped rubbish by organising free collections of household waste including unwanted fridges.
      • Hazardous wastes should not be put out with normal household waste for landfill.
      • Thousands drowned in the murky brew that was soon contaminated by sewage and industrial waste.
      • We can't carry on as we are, throwing away huge quantities of recyclable waste every year.
      • Composting turns household wastes into valuable fertilizer and soil organic matter.
      • Failing to cover body wastes in open latrines promoted the spread of disease by flies.
      • If done properly, the garden waste you use now will be completely broken down into lovely rich soil at winter's end.
      • The two warehouses will be used to store low-level radioactive waste generated by the two plants.
      • Companies didn't stop dumping toxic wastes into rivers because the government asked them nicely.
      • The committee asks those responsible to refrain from dumping household waste in this bin.
      • By 2010, Massachusetts wants to reduce municipal solid waste by 70 percent statewide.
      • The Department of Defense produces more hazardous waste per year than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined.
      • Concern arises because landfill sites are the primary means of disposing millions of tonnes of hazardous industrial waste.
      • York council chiefs announced plans to dump regular weekly rubbish collections in an attempt to recycle more garden waste.
      • I already compost my garden and kitchen waste in my two compost bins.
      • Again I noticed another reduction in the amount of waste in my bin.
      • We see everyday how people still dump their waste carelessly.

    • 2.2(surplus matter)

      material sobrante masculine
      material de desecho masculine

  • 3wastes plural

    the deserted wastes of Antarctica las desiertas inmensidades / extensiones de la Antártica

transitive verb

  • 1

    (misuse, squander)
    (talents/efforts) desperdiciar
    (talents/efforts) malgastar
    (money/electricity) despilfarrar
    (money/electricity) derrochar
    (food) tirar
    (food) desperdiciar
    (time) perder
    (space) desaprovechar
    (space) desperdiciar
    (opportunity/chance) desperdiciar
    to waste sth on sb/sth/-ing
    he has wasted his life ha desperdiciado su vida
    • we wasted a lot of time arguing perdimos mucho tiempo discutiendo
    • you're wasting my time me estás haciendo perder el tiempo
    • he didn't waste any time (in) cashing the check se fue a cobrar el cheque sin perder (ni) un minuto
    • your work won't be wasted tu trabajo no ha sido en vano
    • In the latter case the holding of the meeting would have served no useful purpose and would merely waste the available assets of the bankrupt's estate.
    • Electricity from excess illumination wastes an enormous amount of energy needlessly.
    • Here he argued that Russians themselves did not want to make peace with Napoleon, and consequently Britain had no purpose in wasting its gold to invoke mutual hatred.
    • The conclusion is that £434,950 a year is being wasted on heating and electricity: money that could be saved if the buildings were more energy efficient.
    • The kids had left her in the darkness, knowing the overseers would have punished them for wasting electricity.
    • Frankly I can't afford to go wasting fifteen quid on something as needless as this.
    • Then again, both of the fellows in question drove expensive imported cars, so they probably can't afford to waste a cent extra if they want to keep up with their repayments.
    • Mom said they couldn't afford to waste anything right now.
    • With so little of my book written and so little time to finish it, I can not really afford to waste time.
    • Why waste all this money on allowances, mayoral houses, mayoral vehicles, meetings, workshops, etc?
    • Why waste all that money on TV ads?
    • By that action, we also don't waste so many natural resources.
    • In actuality, we are wasting too much energy at home, on streets and elsewhere.
    • She wasn't about to waste anymore of her precious resting time.
    • Don't try to scream, for you will just waste your energy.
    • And I wonder whether I wasted what is the best time to make friends.
    • One-third to one-half of all the energy consumed by small business is wasted through inefficiency.
    • A leaking tap, for instance, can waste up to 90 litres per day.
    • Money is going to be wasted on this project even before it begins.
    • Nobody wants to see valuable funds wasted on pet projects.
    • There was no way I could stand another year in Andrews in my pathetic job which wasted my talents.
    • He really is one of those guys who is wasted at his current job.
    • He is likewise wasted as a curly-haired dad whose sole job seems to be hugging his daughter.
    • England's captain had given the ball away all afternoon, but he does not waste too many crossing opportunities.
    • The supporting actors' talents are wasted in standard-issue roles.
    • I think she is wasting what once was a great talent.
    • Well, film lovers too feel that such talent should not be wasted in insignificant roles!
    • The best actors are wasted on one-note parental roles.
    • An interesting thesis is wasted on a far too superficial script with some decent make-up effects.
    • Too bad those nice eyes are wasted on this jerk of a man.
    • It's a shame that his acting abilities are wasted on such inconsequential drivel like this.
    • Elsewhere the vocal strength is wasted on dull content and music which has had much of the soul digitally removed from it.
    • Goodman makes sure none of his employees are wasted.
    • Nancy Travis shows up for a few scenes as John's live-in girlfriend, but her character is sorely wasted.
    • The only likable character was Pacey, and he was wasted during the season.
    • Russell is wasted in what is essentially a standard supportive wife role.
    • The film's approach to its cast is a textbook example of how to waste actors.
    • She is mostly wasted here, with little to do but putter around and slowly decline.
    • It just seemed to me that the tropical island setting was totally wasted.
  • 2

    (strength) debilitar
  • 3wasted past participle

    • 3.1(misused, futile)

      (time/money) perdido
      (opportunity/space) desperdiciado
      (opportunity/space) desaprovechado
      (effort) inútil
      it was a wasted journey fue un viaje en balde

    • 3.2(shrunken)

      (body) debilitado
      (body) consumido
      (limb) atrofiado

    • 3.3British informal (drunk)

      to get wasted emborracharse
      • Each of you wasted a person who was infinitely more talented than you, and for what?
      • But now the military's fresh faces can get a bit of the comforts of home - by wasting their pals in an online game.
      • But nobody ever pulls out a grenade launcher and wastes the guy with the battle ax.
      • If you're an extreme utilitarian, you might just accept the calculation at face value and waste the little guy.
      • Sure enough, three of them leap at him, sensing the boy as the most powerful, planning to waste him.
      • I didn't want him dead, he was too good at what he did for me to waste him like that.
      • I'd like to fight somebody with a black belt and waste them.

  • 4

    (lay waste)
    • They proceed to unleash the monsters across the globe, who do what comes naturally, and start wasting cities.
  • 5US slang

    liquidar informal
    cargarse informal

intransitive verb


  • 1

    (ground) (barren) yermo
    (ground) (not cultivated) baldío
    (ground) (not cultivated) sin cultivar
    • Adding a 15m telephone mast and all its associated equipment would further make this waste area even more of an eyesore.
    • Eighteen months ago, two factories on North Road were closed down and demolished, leaving a waste area which has become a dump.
    • She knew he smoked in the waste area where the youths hung out and when he came home his clothes reeked of the weed.
    • He is surrounded by the detritus of his addiction in a waste area in the middle of a rubbish dump.
    • The facilities will be installed on an area of waste ground between the primary school and Westfield Road, and it is hoped that it will be open in time for the summer holidays.
    • Empty lager cans, plastic cider bottles and broken glass have turned the popular dog-walking area into waste ground.
    • Both crops also prevent erosion and provide revenue to offset the costs of managing waste sites.
    • The idea is to focus attention on problem areas which might otherwise be disregarded - such as waste ground - and to set a bench-mark for authorities to improve on.
    • I am referring to Manchester Road Park which is an absolute disgrace and resembles a waste ground rather than a recreation area.
    • Plans to transform waste ground in Westhoughton into a residential area have been given a cautious welcome.
    • However to the West of the estate lies an expanse of waste ground and swampland which very nearly cost the life of a young boy from the estate.
    • Thanks to the effort of local people, that derelict piece of waste ground has now been transformed into a thriving urban nature park.
    • A major new leisure complex could be on the way for Burnley if plans to develop waste ground get the go-ahead.
    • It grows in pastures, cultivated fields, and waste places.
  • 2

    • 2.1(discarded)

      (gas) residual
      (material) de desecho
      waste matter materia de desecho
      • waste products productos de desecho
      • waste water aguas residuales
      • They were taught how to make useful products out of waste paper, at a training programme held recently.
      • The lungs also contribute to this process by eliminating carbon dioxide which is the waste byproduct of glucose and lactic acid metabolism.
      • They can be made with simple materials such as waste paper.
      • Then they will ship the bulk samples to Iqaluit for crushing and sorting, to separate the sapphire material from waste rock.
      • Each stage in the production process uses the waste material of the previous one as its feedstock.
      • Aquatic plant material and waste grain left in plowed fields make up the majority of the Canada Goose's diet.
      • Paul sends me this story about a process to convert any waste matter into oil, gas and water.
      • This contract also excludes liability in respect of disposal or dumping of any waste materials or substances.
      • The incineration process produces a residual waste ash, which has to be transported and disposed of by landfilling.
      • He is also using the same process to turn waste wood from demolished buildings into biofibres that can then be used to make high-performance materials.
      • Local miners have been digging and collecting here for several years, moving many tons of overburden soil and waste rock in the process.
      • The reporter asked to see how he processed his own waste water and he agreed.
      • Constructed wetlands have advantages over other means of treating waste water because they require little energy, chemical input or maintenance.
      • Roof felts are essentially scrap paper bonded together with bitumen, a waste oil product that is put on the felt to saturate it.
      • He introduced us to a product that recycles waste plastic into fuel that was invented in Japan.
      • The conference, to be held in Tidworth in November, will show how thinking about rubbish as a raw material rather than a waste product can benefit businesses.
      • One such body function is the occasional need to eliminate accumulated waste gases from the digestive tract.
      • It is proposed that the waste timber product would be obtained from local forestry residues including thinnings.
      • The reef mines sank far underground, and used expensive machinery and complex metallurgical processes to separate the gold from the waste rock.
      • All our diseases are explained on the basis of deposition and fermentation of waste substances.

    • 2.2(leftover, excess)

      (paper/rubber) sobrante
      waste heat generated during the chemical reaction el calor disipado durante la reacción química