Translation of watering can in Spanish:

watering can

regadera, n.

Definition of regadera in Spanish


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    regadera feminine
    • The tough restrictions, which come into effect at midnight next Saturday, bans town water for external use, preventing homeowners from even filling a watering can to water pot plants or the garden.
    • Add additional nutrients throughout the growing season by dissolving a water-soluble fertilizer in the watering can once every week or two.
    • Look for objects such as watering cans old tools or flowerpots that you can dress up with lights flowers or greenery.
    • Nearly anything that can hold soil can be turned into a container: classic stone urns, a wicker basket, an old wagon, buckets and tubs, leaky watering cans, a ceramic bowl or a tea cup.
    • Seek out unusual vessels, such as wall vases, old watering cans or window boxes to hold your favorite flora.
    • Once a fortnight add some soluble fertiliser or juice from your worm farm into the watering can to keep your plants at their peak.
    • Sprinkle each layer with a watering can or garden hose as you construct the pile.
    • There was a long queue of people carrying various receptacles: plastic bottles, watering cans, jugs, pots, crates.
    • The liquid can then be applied to all, including native plants, with a watering can.
    • Now the bench can store hoses as well as other watering tools, such as sprinklers or small watering cans.
    • Seasoned water has been in the watering can at least overnight so the chlorine has dissipated; it's not fresh from the faucet.
    • Then she drenches the pile with the solution using a hose-end sprayer or a watering can.
    • With a narrow-nose watering can, irrigate just inside the pot rim, under plant leaves.
    • They are holding a fun day on August 31 at the company with a sale of waterbutts, composters, dustbins, watering cans and various other products to boost their fund.
    • Pouring water from one of those little plastic houseplant watering cans would be helpful for keeping water in track when rinsing.
    • We are asking people to be economical with their water, for example, by taking a shower instead of a bath and using a watering can in the garden rather than a hosepipe.
    • If you're going to plant directly in such items as watering cans, old boots, teapots or wheelbarrows consider drainage and air movement around the roots of the plants.
    • Never leave buckets or watering cans full of mixed chemicals
    • Colanders, watering cans, and bath toys will all work.
    • People watching from their balconies clapped the demonstrators and poured watering cans, buckets and even hose pipes to cool down the cheering crowd.