Translation of way-out in Spanish:


ultramoderno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌweɪ ˈaʊt/ /weɪˈaʊt/

Definition of ultramoderno in Spanish

adjective way out

  • 1

    estrambótico informal
    • All of them are conservative types, and think I'm weird and way-out for what I do and don't do when it comes to church and religion.
    • With their way-out designs and wacky wardrobes, these fashion students at York College are more used to setting trends than following them.
    • The result is just as way-out and bizarre, but a lot less funny.
    • But the Seventies were more than a cocktail of way-out fashions and disco dancing.
    • Parents may want to think twice if their teenager is telling them way-out stories, having wilder than usual mood swings and seeing things that aren't there.
    • I'm not a way-out liberal: I've never advocated any of these things.
    • Looking back, it was a great place in which to grow up but, with my way-out lifestyle, I can't see myself living there now.
    • It seemed pretty way-out until I read the 5 preceding articles he refers to in paragraph 5.
    • Many of the ‘re-imaginings’ are pretty way-out and I'm not sure they are terribly good.
    • If I had unlimited resources, I would use the Albert Hall for some way-out Stockhausen sonic experiment.
    • We've grown used to Japanese car makers showing way-out pollutionless cars of the distant future.
    • Interesting how research projects sometimes come up with way-out results like these.
    • Reporting on both way-out theories and scientific discoveries, the author remains funny, fair-minded, and firmly planted on Earth.
    • There are plenty of way-out things I do not believe.
    • But not all of the critics who have attacked the President for being dishonest are peddlers of these way-out notions.
    • The decade that gave us Madonna, Prince and all the other way-out entertainers is yours for the remaking, retaking and reliving!
    • The fact is that the proportion of the community involved in more way-out therapies like magnetism or iridology, is pretty small.
    • Its always best to believe the most likely theory that has documentation rather than the way-out ones that don't.
    • Instead, the scientists backed more way-out systems for reflecting the sun's rays back into space.
    • The end result will be like something you have seen in way-out fashion magazines.