Translation of web in Spanish:


telaraña, n.

Pronunciation /wɛb/


  • 1spider's web

    • 1.1

      telaraña feminine
      the spider spins its web la araña teje su tela

    • 1.2(of cloth)

      tejido masculine
      • Every woman made her web and bleached it herself, and the price never rose higher than 2 shillings a yard, and with this cloth almost everyone was clothed.
      • I need not remind my readers of the connection always maintained in classical poetry and legend between the spider and the weaver, the spinner and the web. Even in our vernacular we speak of ‘the web’ on the loom, and the fable of Arachne has blended itself with almost all thought on the subject.

    • 1.3(structure)

      a web of intrigue una red de intriga
      • a web of lies una maraña de mentiras

  • 2

    (on bird's, frog's foot)
    membrana interdigital feminine
    • Then, as the duck draws its foot forward and brings the toes together, the web folds up so there is less resistance to the water.
    • His feet are rather large, but the web is not wide as in ducks.
  • 3

    the Web orweb la / el web
    • World Wide Web telaraña mundial
    • Almost half of all the Danish Internet population are using the Web for banking and tax purposes.
    • Thankfully, when it all gets too much, the Web has some quick fixes for my addiction.
    • Again and again, the history of the Web shows us the value of relinquishing control.
    • How many other questions would yield more wrong answers on the Web than right ones?
    • I read a lot of newspapers on the Web, and this is something new and wonderful.
    • Each answer can be found by searching on the Web, or digging deep in your mind.
    • The Web is full of ordinary people from all over the planet wittering on about whatever they want to.
    • Let's assume that the average Web document, when printed, uses two sheets of paper.
    • The plan's flaw is that if you've got a PDA with you, you don't need to access your data via the Web.
    • Many anti-virus vendors also make scanners available as a Web service application.
    • So, anyway, I did some research on the Web, and found the reason for his situation.
    • The City recognises the enormous benefit of a heavily wired Britain and the media has come to love the Web.
    • The issue of making the Internet safe for kids has become a bigger one as the Web becomes ever more ubiquitous.
    • If the patent is eventually upheld, the implications for the Web are enormous.
    • Speaking to the people behind the websites, there is now a clear view of where and how to make money from news on the Web.
    • Is there something that your Web readers can do to take some of this research forward?
    • But it is not enough to say that global networks and the Web will change everything.
    • Alternatively, use a search engine such as Google to locate numbers via the Web.
    • Unable to find another publisher, Huang elected to sell the book himself through the Web.
    • Most of these are available on the Web to anyone capable of using a search engine with a modicum of ingenuity.
    • How many times have you been surfing the Web and wanted to buy a product or service?