Translation of weep in Spanish:


llorar, v.

Pronunciation /wip/ /wiːp/

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intransitive verb wept, wept

  • 1

    to weep for sb llorar por algn
    llorar a algn
    to weep over sth llorar por algo
    I could have wept era como para llorar
    • The weary mother wept as the bus began its long journey back to her small village.
    • He began to weep, the tears falling faster and faster from his eyes, running down his face.
    • She heard her mother begin to weep softly as her father comforted her.
    • So, I sing songs to the mothers, and the mothers begin to weep.
    • Silently, she buried her face in the pillow, and wept.
    • She was prepared for an angry confrontation but was shocked when her mother simply began to weep.
    • Tears fell down his face as he began to weep bitterly.
    • When she saw Rose and all her brothers, their mother wept tears of joy.
    • She begins to weep, her body shaking, and then, when her grief is purged, she stares dead ahead.
    • Matt's mother went to sit down, beginning to weep bitterly.
    • And his big blue eyes filled with tears when his grandfather wept.
    • This time she'd been crying, weeping big hot tears.
    • There was a lot of discussion, a lot of negotiation between the two sides, there was tears, there was weeping.
    • Sarah's brother wept and hugged his mother after showing police where the eight-year-old disappeared, the court heard.
    • Jodi's mother wept as the verdict was announced.
    • Inside the apartment, Saeed's mother wept as she sat on the floor, surrounded by female relatives and other mourners.
    • Anjar's mother wept with joy, she could not believe that he had returned.
    • A mother broke down and wept when she visited the scene where her son was killed yesterday.
    • The teenager's mother wept and was comforted by his father as their son was led from the dock.
    • She held the pillow to her face, letting it soak up her tears, and wept silently.
  • 2

    (exude liquid)
    (wound/eye) supurar
    • They may weep, and eventually grow a crust or scab.
    • I could understand how skin like this might weep or bleed on occasion.
    • These blisters eventually burst to reveal small wet patches of red skin that may weep fluid.
    • That eye may redden and weep, and the nostril on that side may experience stuffiness and discharge.
    • I recently saw a 64 year old man with a skin lesion on his knee that had been intermittently weeping pus over the past four weeks and had been growing in size.
    • Does anyone know the correct term for when the leaves ooze water or weep?

transitive verb wept, wept

  • 1

    she wept bitter tears lloró lágrimas amargas


mainly British
  • 1

    I had a good weep me desahogué llorando un rato
    • a little weep will do her good llorar un poco le hará bien