Translation of weeping willow in Spanish:

weeping willow

sauce llorón, n.


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    sauce llorón masculine
    • We glide beneath arched stone-and-ironwork bridges, under the reaches of weeping willows, their branches bowed into the astonishingly clear water.
    • I created another area of mystery by cutting an arch into the branches of a weeping willow.
    • On the other side of the stream, there was a stone bench sitting under an old weeping willow tree, whose branches came down to the ground, except in the front, facing the stream.
    • A large weeping willow was growing over the pound, so its branches just barely touched the water's surface.
    • Rare ferns, various flowering plants, sycamore trees, weeping willows, a variety of palms and California flora grace the manicured grounds, which makes for a most relaxing and picturesque atmosphere.
    • It was an oil landscape of a large mansion in the distance framed by oak trees and weeping willows.
    • Out of curiosity, he glanced back at his rear view mirror, and felt relieved to see nothing but the dusty little trail framed by weeping willows.
    • I looked out and saw the last drops of sunlight filtering through the crisscrossed branches of the weeping willows.
    • Striking a nearby tree with his fist, Briar shook off the resulting pain and parted the branches of a weeping willow to enter the secluded clearing that was his haven.
    • Its tresses dancing in a gentle breeze, a weeping willow grew in the corner of the graveyard, next to a small stream that disappeared underground next to the willow.
    • Mitch laid her down the ground under a weeping willow tree, and walked to the lake nearby then sat down and started to throw stones at it.
    • He quickly grabbed a weeping willow's branch hanging above his head and pulled him and Lenita out onto shore.
    • The branches of a weeping willow dipping into the stream.
    • Sam glared fiercely up at the half-moon peeking through the branches of the weeping willow.
    • I looked around and saw that we were hidden by the long hanging branches of a weeping willow.
    • Cara was buried near a weeping willow with yellow flowers growing around her grave.
    • There was a lake in the middle of the garden, with a weeping willow growing in the middle of it.
    • He went off to sit under a large weeping willow on the grounds not far from the graves.
    • It had a large garden, she noted absently, with weeping willows and cherry trees.
    • Forests of oaks, pines and weeping willows are different from one another, but at least they are all forests.