Translation of weight belt in Spanish:

weight belt

cinturón de pesas, n.


  • 1

    cinturón de pesas masculine
    • A diver, sitting on the gunwhale of a boat, wearing a weight belt but without scuba gear or fins, is flirting with disaster.
    • Depending on your personal strength level, you may or may not be able to add weight via a weight belt and plates or a dumbbell when you chin.
    • Start out with 10 pounds of additional weight suspended from a weight belt and add more as you get stronger.
    • For many years I had been using a traditional weight belt and lead weights which had always suited me down to the ground.
    • He failed scuba school on a weight belt swim.
    • But the weight belt is just part of a weighting system and needs to be considered in the context of all gear.
    • Learning to train without a weight belt is a better strategy for improvements in overall development and strength.
    • I then jettisoned the weight belt and removed my tank.
    • Anyone who suffers from a weak or previously injured back can benefit from using a weight belt.
    • They kept floating upwards and at first, even with my weight belt on, I was powerless to stop them.