Translation of welcome in Spanish:


bienvenido, interj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛlkəm/

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  • 1

    welcome home/to Chicago! ¡bienvenido a casa/a Chicago!
    • welcome back! me alegro de que hayas vuelto


  • 1

    (gladly received)
    (guest) bienvenido
    (change/news) grato
    you're always welcome here aquí siempre eres bienvenido
    • I didn't feel welcome sentí que no era bien recibido
    • the extra money will be most welcome el dinero extra vendrá muy bien / será muy bien recibido
    • an extra pair of hands is always welcome siempre se agradece la ayuda de alguien más
    • it was a welcome relief fue un gran alivio
    • Please take a look and any additions are most welcome!
    • Volunteer helpers are also welcome and adults are allowed to join the mountain biking activities.
    • The cool air from the windows allowed a welcome breeze carrying the scent of pineapples and pomegranate.
    • Students in the focus group also commented on the cases being scheduled on Friday, and that this allowed a welcome change of pace.
    • Donations for teenage boys are particularly welcome.
    • So your website must be ready to receive this welcome guest.
    • I've been in restaurants in Brussels where I felt like a welcome guest in somebody's home.
    • Ahmad has helped him out and is always a welcome guest.
    • Members and guests are welcome and should book early to ensure seating.
    • Mr Morse added that visitors were always welcome at the school.
    • His command of the English language was quite good too and he immediately made her feel welcome.
    • My wife and I did not feel welcome outside the circle of our immediate colleagues.
    • I hope that everyone has felt welcome and encouraged to contribute.
    • All are welcome to what promises to be a memorable and uplifting evening.
    • Please note that all men and women are very welcome to this Service.
    • Cheers guys - and welcome to everyone from The Times.
    • New writers and visiting poets are always welcome and anyone is invited to come and share a poem during the open reading.
    • This tactic will let guests know that only the people to whom the invite is addressed are welcome.
    • All Africans who want to do something for Africa are invited and welcome.
    • You know you are welcome here any time. Take care.
  • 2

    (freely permitted)
    to be welcome to + inf
    to be welcome to sth
    • Please feel welcome to come and join in, if you enjoy singing, or just enjoy the sound.
    • All current members and interested community members are encouraged and most welcome to attend.
    • People can express any opinion or concept they desire and anyone is welcome to take part.
    • All are welcome to enjoy a coffee and chat Italian style.
    • Anyone wanting to leave me ideas or suggestions is very welcome to, but please don't expect much in the way of credits.
    • All are welcome to attend what promises to be a great afternoon of billiards.
    • The public is encouraged to attend the event, and men are welcome to cheer on the women and children as they march.
    • They would be welcome to participate in hands-on aid work if they desired.
    • All are welcome to attend and refreshments will be provided.
    • You're welcome to do with it as you please, but quite frankly I'd rather not know.
    • Parents and supporters are welcome to lend encouragement to our young players.
    • All existing members are asked to please attend on time and new members would be very welcome to come along.
    • All mothers, grandparents and childminders are welcome to come and enjoy a chat and a cuppa.
    • All are welcome to play, but please leave your egos at the door.
    • I inquired on how to do that and he told me that I was welcome to watch and learn if I so desired.
    • You are welcome to stay with me if you please, for it's a pleasure to have you.
    • What's more, during the day you're welcome to pop in just for a coffee.
    • Light refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome to attend.
    • The clubhouse and bar will be open on Sunday for refreshments, and anyone interested is welcome to just turn up on the day or call
    • Parents are welcome to help out and new members are encouraged to take part.
    • If you are interested you are welcome to come along tonight

transitive verb

  • 1

    (visitor/delegation) darle la bienvenida a
  • 2

    he was warmly welcomed by her family su familia le dio una calurosa acogida
    • they welcomed me with open arms me recibieron con los brazos abiertos
    • she ran to the door and welcomed them in corrió a la puerta y los hizo pasar dándoles la bienvenida
    • this news is to be welcomed es para alegrarse de esta noticia
    • I'd welcome a change of scene no me vendría mal un cambio de aires
    • we would welcome any advice you can give us le agradeceríamos cualquier consejo que pudiera darnos
    • When guests visit you, it is polite to welcome them with kind words and serve them what you have.
    • The website has a very friendly and welcoming layout.
    • One of the keys to hospitable service is greeting people with a smile and welcoming attitude.
    • We are met with smiles and welcoming greetings, a bit of small talk, and a friendly goodbye.
    • Her mother said everyone in Limerick had been welcoming and friendly since they arrived.
    • As they walked around town countless neighbors and passers-by greeted them happily and welcomed Jude home.
    • They welcomed the journalists who arrived in their beleaguered country to tell their story.
    • A group arriving to welcome them was appearing from the town, as the rest of the soldiers departed their ships.
    • On the next island, the people greeted the sailors, welcoming them with offers of their fruit.
    • It is a very friendly and welcoming community and I think he enjoyed meeting the people there.
    • I welcome them with a smile and we head back into the living room.
    • The cottage is warm and comfortable throughout, offering guests a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere.
    • Watanabe raised his hands with smile as supporters welcomed them with applause.
    • The atmosphere and the tone you set was so friendly and welcoming.
    • Thomas also suggested that the work of Church youth groups had promoted a friendly, welcoming, atmosphere.
    • The staff and teachers couldn't have been more friendly or more welcoming.
    • I did my best to be friendly and welcoming but still he would not stay and would take no food or clothing.
    • You all are blessed to belong to a town that is so welcoming and friendly.
    • It had a nice, homely atmosphere to it, and seemed friendly and welcoming.
    • The ebullient chef met us at the door, glad to welcome his first customers of the evening.
    • Warm-hearted local people welcome visitors, inviting them to stroll around their buildings.
    • However, his family welcome him with open arms and a feast, so glad are they to have him back.
    • He was welcomed on to the pitch at half-time to receive a commemorative plaque.
    • Instead of displaying anger or jealousy, they welcome the girl into their family and treat her like a sister.
    • He can currently be seen in the supermarket's TV advert welcoming people to the store and handing out cookies to customers.
    • In a time when they were trying to look after their own people and welcoming tourists, they were going about it the wrong way.
    • They should be reducing all charges and welcoming visitors into the West.
    • The Macphersons welcomed their first visitors two years ago and have never looked back.
    • All visitors are welcomed with a song and the teachers are all known by their first names.
    • The President was warmly welcomed by several hundred people on her visit to the town.
    • As always we were warmly welcomed by the people of Haworth, and, despite the rain, we had a good time on the walk.
    • At the weekend 630 visitors were welcomed to the monthly open day, the biggest turnout for years.
    • A beautiful lamp welcomes visitors at the entrance.
    • We must ensure that the city welcomes these visitors with open arms.
    • There were many happy faces there from home, all delighted to welcome the touring party.


  • 1

    bienvenida feminine
    recibimiento masculine
    acogida feminine
    to give sb a warm welcome acoger a algn calurosamente
    • to give sb a cold welcome recibir a algn con frialdad
    • the proposal had a frosty welcome from the union la propuesta tuvo una fría acogida por parte del sindicato
    • let's have a big welcome for Frank Detroit! ¡un gran aplauso para Frank Detroit!
    • to roll out the welcome wagon (for sb) recibir a algn como a un príncipe