Translation of westerner in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɛstərnər/ /ˈwɛst(ə)nə/

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    nativo o habitante del oeste del país o de la región (person from west)
    • If westerners still hold our country in high esteem, the credit for this should go to our family system.
    • In fact, most of the westerners residing in Korea during the Choson period hunted.
    • Maybe it's ok to meet other westerners from a different country - but not from your own.
    • That I am a westerner (as much as someone born in Eastern Europe can be) is viscerally obvious to me every time I have to fly east.
    • He is just another in a line of westerners who decided to go native with the Masai.
    • The Japanese take a few potshots at him, round up the other westerners on the island, and depart the scene.
    • Since the preacher hadn't shown up, and he was there, and he is a westerner, and all westerners are Christians, they told him he should preach the sermon.
    • Modern westerners tend to think there are only two kinds of property: public and private.
    • I was in the worst country in the world to be a westerner.
    • Now westerners are beginning to realise the benefits of encouraging rather than suppressing the natural exercises babies do anyway.
    • No doubt having two westerners in prison was a novelty.
    • Most of the westerners who met him, in Germany and America, took an instant dislike to what they saw as his arrogant and aloof personality.
    • It gave him the chance to find out what westerners are like.
    • A number of westerners had had a stab at writing Hirohito's biography.
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    occidental masculine, feminine