Translation of westernize in Spanish:


occidentalizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛstərˌnaɪz/ /ˈwɛstənʌɪz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (person/society) occidentalizar
    • Peter attempted to modernize and westernize the country militarily, administratively, economically, and culturally, often through the use of force.
    • The country managed to maintain its independence because the kings realized that their country could only escape Western control by developing and westernizing the country.
    • It has become increasingly unpopular in the United States, Australia and other westernized countries to import goods from countries with sweatshops.
    • He's very westernized, but has some great views of other cultures.
    • Somerville said: ‘Japan's younger people are quite westernised, but they also have their own approach to fashion.’
    • The family is very westernised by Algerian standards.
    • The woman's son is westernised, listens to pop music and prefers to hangout with his friends rather than study.
    • The joint family system, where grandparents, uncles, aunts and grandchildren often all live under one roof, is still the norm among all but the most westernised urban families.
    • In 1864, a system of limited local self-government was introduced and the judicial system was partially westernized.
    • In the early 1800s, Alexander I began to carry out further plans to westernize the government by attempting to create a Duma, or representative body.
    • Despite the eighteenth - century efforts of Peter the Great to introduce westernizing corruptions, Dostoevsky believed in the fundamental religious and social integrity of Holy Russia.
    • It retains its own culture, for good or for worse, setting it apart from the glossy westernized cultures of Mumbai or Delhi and some other big cities.
    • Women's attitudes towards feminism, the clothing they wore, and other beliefs and behaviors were subjected to scrutiny by Spanish modernizers who saw women as key to Europeanizing and westernizing Spain.
    • These groups usually are less westernized than the upper class and more oriented to Turkish culture.
    • He notes that in developing countries the rates are rising too and in particular among the affluent who have adopted westernised lifestyles.