Translation of what in Spanish:


qué, pron.

Pronunciation /(h)wət/ /(h)wɑt/ /wɒt/

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  • 1

    (in questions)
    what's that? ¿qué es eso?
    • what caused the accident? ¿qué causó el accidente?
    • what's upstairs/in the cupboard? ¿qué hay arriba/en el armario?
    • what's the problem/his address? ¿cuál es el problema/su dirección?
    • what is 28 divided by 12? ¿cuánto es 28 dividido (por) 12?
    • what's 'I don't understand' in Russian? ¿cómo se dice 'no entiendo' en ruso?
    • what do you do? — I'm a teacher ¿usted qué hace / en qué trabaja / a qué se dedica? —soy maestro
    • what do you mean? ¿qué quieres decir?
    • what are you referring to? ¿a qué se refiere?
    • to what are you referring? ¿a qué se refiere?
    • what did you pay? ¿cuánto pagaste?
    • what's the jacket made (out) of? ¿de qué es la chaqueta?
    • I threw it away — you did what? lo tiré a la basura — ¿qué?
    • what? ¿cómo?
    • splendid weather, what? un tiempo espléndido ¿no crees?
    • what musician? he plays piano in a bar! ¡qué músico ni que músico! ¡toca el piano en un bar!
    • You could be run over by the car of bad luck tomorrow, and what will it all have been for?
    • If we did it in a normal car it would have been easier to do but what's the fun in that?
    • If he was a fool, what were those his folly whipped into orgies of vicious mockery?
    • So what would your view be of the result, if members of staff are brave enough to use the present procedure?
    • So what is your general view of the response by the MPS in relation to these cases?
    • It was clear that Japan faced a remarkable opportunity: but what was to be done with it?
    • It seemed to me the whole sticky question of what small children are prepared to eat needed testing.
    • That again is accepted, but the question remains, what is the amount of the benefit?
    • This information will be used to decide if you owe the money and what instalments you should pay.
    • After an enormous amount of money and resources and judicial time what are we achieving?
    • All I can ask is, what has happened to all that money and what has actually improved?
    • Yes, it raises money for charity but what is really funny about sitting in baked beans?
    • So why do we have music festivals, what do they achieve and where can it all go wrong - or right?
    • I have no idea what drove him to begin playing music, what siren song it used to make him devote his life to it.
    • Back to the music, what can audiences in the south expect from Tony's current tour?
    • In some ways that's no bad thing - what else is dance music for if not to compel you to boogie?
    • When it didn't bring up any helpful information she asked me what it was going to be used in.
    • One wonders why they want this information, and what it is used for once they have it.
    • Er, well excuse me, but what's left if those areas of your game aren't up to scratch?
    • How did you end up in the Music City and what are your thoughts on this musical milieu?
  • 2

    what's she like? ¿cómo es?
    • what does he look like? ¿cómo es físicamente?
    • what's his new film like? ¿qué tal es su nueva película?
    • what's the weather like? ¿cómo está el tiempo? ¿qué tiempo hace?
    • what's the weather like in Peru? ¿qué clima tiene Perú?
  • 3

    • 3.1(in indirect speech)

      tell me what happened dime qué pasó
      • she knows what to do ella sabe qué hacer
      • guess what, I'm going to Paris! ¿a que no sabes? ¡me voy a París!
      • (I'll) tell you what: you pay for the food and I'll get the drinks mira, tú pagas la comida y yo la bebida
      • $50 worth of you know what $50 de ya sabes qué
      • No one expects us to win, so we just have to go out and give it our all, have a go at them and with a bit of luck who knows what we might achieve.
      • Of course, you need to build on your luck and that's what we aim to do against Coventry this weekend.
      • She would have wanted us all to be happy and to have fun so that is what we will do.
      • These guys are taking all the fun out of what was once the most gloriously unpredictable of games.
      • Neither of these would be what we call fun but then, you know, it's not a fun situation.
      • They may not thank you for offering them a fun companion when what they really need is a mother.
      • Part of what makes football fun is that we all have different ways of looking at things.
      • Some people make fun of you but what's beautiful is that most people are interested.
      • Nevertheless, it is a lovely piece, and what I would have voted for if I had got round to it.
      • Well, I have to report it wasn't a very good end to what was actually a lovely holiday.
      • I just spoke to a Staff Nurse who was lovely and knew exactly what she was talking about.
      • Naturally we took the one which gave us the best view of what was going on.
      • Plants are dormant and deciduous ones will have lost their leaves so there is a clear view of what needs to be done.
      • We tend to take a clear-cut view of what being a victim of crime entails, and who the victim is in every case.
      • Speakers will give their views on what the trust is doing well and where there is room for improvement.
      • She sees everything and communicates to the staff her clear views on what should be happening.
      • Bigger and better seems the only way to view what's destined to become another best seller.
      • In order to understand people, we need to solicit their views or accounts of what they are doing.
      • And it was a fitting way to celebrate the start of what would become a remarkable reign.
      • Adam says that the only thing remarkable about what he did was the speed at which he moved.

    • 3.2(relative use)

      lo que
      they did what they could hicieron lo que pudieron
      • what I don't understand is why … lo que no entiendo es por qué …
      • what I did was (to) ask her lo que hice fue preguntárselo
      • what it is to be young! ¡lo que es la juventud!
      • I don't know and, what's more, I don't care no lo sé y lo que es más, no me importa


  • 1

    • 1.1(in questions)

      what book are you reading? ¿qué libro estás leyendo?
      • what color are the walls? ¿de qué color son las paredes?
      • what parent would do that to his own child? ¿qué (clase de) padre le haría eso a su propio hijo?
      • what more does he want? ¿qué más quiere?

    • 1.2(in indirect speech)

      she didn't know what language they were speaking no sabía en qué idioma estaban hablando

    • 1.3(all of the, any)

      what belongings they had were confiscated les confiscaron todo lo que tenían
      • what few hotels there were were full los pocos hoteles que había, estaban llenos
      • what little she owned, she left to her son lo poco que tenía, se lo dejó a su hijo

  • 2

    (in exclamations)
    what a surprise! ¡qué sorpresa!
    • what bad luck! ¡qué mala suerte!
    • what lovely eyes! ¡qué ojos más / tan bonitos!
    • what a friend you've turned out to be! ¡valiente / vaya amigo has resultado ser tú!
    • what a lot of people! ¡cuánta gente!