Translation of when in Spanish:


cuándo, adv.

Pronunciation /(h)wɛn/ /wɛn/


  • 1

    (in questions, indirect questions)
    when did you arrive? ¿cuándo llegaste?
    • when was it that you spoke to her? ¿cuándo fue que hablaste con ella?
    • I asked him when the next train was le pregunté cuándo salía el próximo tren
    • she knows when to keep quiet sabe cuándo es mejor quedarse callada
    • that was when I realized that … fue entonces cuando me di cuenta de que …
  • 2

    (as relative)
    the year when we got married el año en que nos casamos
    • a date when everyone can come una fecha en que todos puedan venir
    • in December, when we were on holiday en diciembre, cuando estábamos de vacaciones


  • 1

    • 1.1(temporal sense)

      I asked him when I saw him se lo pregunté cuando lo vi
      • I'll ask him when I see him se lo preguntaré cuando lo vea
      • the flesh is pink when cooked la carne es rosada cuando está cocida
      • when finished, it will be used to … una vez terminado / cuando esté terminado se usará para …
      • give me a shout when you're ready pégame un grito cuando estés listo
      • when it rains, I take the bus cuando llueve, tomo el autobús
      • reduce speed when approaching a junction reduzca la velocidad al acercarse a un cruce
      • I'd scarcely sat down when the phone rang apenas me había sentado cuando sonó el teléfono
      • Theatre is her first love and when she is not performing she can invariably be found among the audience.
      • He was looking out the front door yesterday when I had it open to feed the hens.
      • One survivor said a meeting was being held in an upstairs room when the blast occurred.
      • They shared a room when they were on tour and off the field they were big buddies.
      • His father was operating on a cat in the room below when he saw his son hurtle to the ground.
      • I'll never forget idly thumbing through a bible in a hotel room when I was a child.
      • It was years after these events that I found out my Aunt died in that room when she was only 14.
      • His father took him to Tynecastle when he was five, to see a Hearts and Hibs game.
      • Although they cannot see fully yet, they listen intently when we tell them of these things.
      • His dad left when he was very young, although he patched things up before he died.
      • Although for a couple of years when I was a child my whole family decided not to eat meat.
      • The man's whole life should have been considered when the decision was made to give the award out.
      • The option is one of three for the three main party leaders to consider when they meet at City Hall.
      • All too often as adults, we cease to give it any attention or value, except at night when we sleep and we dream.
      • Now he goes to bed late because he is frightened of nightmares when he sleeps.
      • He told police that he used it because it helped him sleep when he was coming off heroin.
      • In the early days after the birth, it can be useful to set aside some time to rest when the baby sleeps.
      • He urged people to keep mobile phones out of sight when not in use, and to use them to make essential calls only.
      • The first time I used a personal shopper was five years ago, when I lived in Toronto.
      • That's what my Scottish grandmother told me I needed to do when I was five years old.

    • 1.2(if)

      these results aren't bad when you compare them with … estos resultados no son malos si / cuando se los compara con …
      • You cannot claim to give the facts straight when there is no-one giving the other view.
      • I am in the fourth year of my own fight, which is considered a long time when you have the kind of cancer I have.
      • It is fantastic to even consider him when he has not been a pupil for two years.
      • So why did she look over the glasses to get a good view of me when previously the glasses had done the job?
      • How can there be love when you leave me, without warmth and without explanation?
      • There is no room to manoeuvre when the character of a space determines the environment.
      • Where was the body, I used to think, when there is no room between the headstone and the wall?
      • She didn't think Jamie was the type to sit hiding in some motel room when someone was out to kill him.
      • Was it really worth those few minutes of peace when he knew he was slowly killing himself?
      • Why sleep with that woman when you know it could bring you trouble somewhere down the line?
      • For what chance is there of love when everything you do is monitored as if on CCTV?
      • It's hard not be cynical about the power of love when there is so much bile around.
      • I never try to convince my body that it should be sleeping when it knows better.
      • To rely on a phone call from California when so many lives are at stake is not enough.
      • Seemingly not, although it does not help when they are not in a position to keep up with the play.
      • I mean who else is there to take up the slack for them, when their fifteen minutes of fame is running out.
      • Why does Dolan persist in five at the back when it clearly doesn't suit York's style of play?
      • Can we define terrorism when one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist?

  • 2

    • 2.1(since, considering that)

      how do you know you don't like it when you've never tried it? ¿cómo sabes que no te gusta si / cuando nunca lo has probado?
      • why go to a hotel when you can stay here? ¿por qué ir a un hotel si / cuando te puedes quedar aquí?

    • 2.2(although)

      he said he was 18 when in fact he's only 15 dijo que tenía 18 años cuando en realidad solo tiene 15
      • People could at times be standing at the back when there was room in the front of the train.
      • They behaved as if they were in their living room at home, when, clearly they weren't.
      • The danger is trying to put your nose through when there is no room and it ends in an accident.
      • I had this idea of him being loud and brash when in fact he's laidback and quiet with this fantastic wit.
      • My flushed cheeks illustrated my shyness, when in fact it was sheer frustration.
      • People were led to believe they had won a top prize when in fact they were being induced to pay for a low value product.
      • Somehow that statistic came to be portrayed as a bad thing, when in fact it is a heartening trend.
      • They may it look as though it is a charitable collection when in fact they are going to sell the stuff off.
      • It looks as though it was made at a particular time when in fact it was made 24 hours later.
      • I think we fall back too often on our power when in fact we probably could do more by persuasion.
      • It is easy to ask a very general question when in fact what is wanted is a response to a specific issue.
      • I had thought that this wasn't working, when in fact it was only not working in Firefox.


  • 1

    when do you have to be in London by, by when do you have to be in London? ¿para cuándo tienes que estar en Londres?
    • since when have they had the farm? ¿desde cuándo tienen la granja?
    • since when have you been an expert? ¿desde cuándo eres un experto?