Translation of whenever in Spanish:


siempre que, conj.

Pronunciation /(h)wɛnˈɛvər/ /(h)wəˈnɛvər/ /wɛnˈɛvə/


  • 1

    (every time that)
    siempre que
    whenever I hear that song, I think of Spain siempre que / cada vez que escucho esa canción, me acuerdo de España
    • whenever you need help, just ask siempre que necesites ayuda, no tienes más que pedir
    • whenever possible, I go by train siempre que puedo, voy en tren
    • Full power is available whenever needed by pressing the pedal to the kick-down position.
    • This, he swore, was due to positioning his cap at the rear of the animal whenever it lifted its tail.
    • They gifted two killer tries, defended their line badly and failed to execute whenever they got into a good position.
  • 2

    (at whatever time)
    we'll go whenever you're ready saldremos cuando estés listo
    • whenever the election is, I won't be voting sean cuando sean las elecciones, yo no pienso votar
    • last week or whenever it was that I wrote la semana pasada, o cuando fue que escribí


  • 1

    (no matter when)
    next Monday or whenever el lunes o cuando sea
    • last Monday or Tuesday, or whenever el lunes o martes pasado, o cuando haya sido
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    (in questions)