Translation of where in Spanish:


dónde, adv.

Pronunciation /(h)wɛr/ /wɛː/

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  • 1

    (indicating direction) adónde
    (indicating direction) dónde
    where's Lewes? ¿dónde está / queda Lewes?
    • where are you taking me? ¿(a)dónde me llevan?
    • where's that lamp from? ¿de dónde es esa lámpara?
    • where are you from? ¿de dónde eres?
    • where's the sense in waiting? ¿qué sentido tiene esperar?
    • she asked us where we lived nos preguntó dónde vivíamos
    • I don't know where to go no sé (a)dónde ir
    • a photo of where we met una foto de(l lugar) donde nos conocimos
    • from where we were sitting we had a magnificent view desde donde estábamos sentados teníamos una magnífica vista
    • put the scissors back where they belong vuelve a poner la tijera en su sitio
    • it wasn't where I'd expected it to be no estaba donde yo esperaba
    • that's where you're mistaken en eso estás equivocado
    • The platform was then moved and the mice had to remember where it was last positioned.
    • But you're not in a position to say where he was whilst this was going on?
    • No one saw what happened to the company director, or exactly where he was when the wall of water struck.
    • Directors instantly knew where they were in the pecking order by a quick look at the seating plan.
    • The concern for parents is where their children will go when the college closes.
    • Be aware of it, but make sure when you leave, you know where the sources of information and resources are.
    • No prizes, even though it's Christmas, for guessing where that source of supply is.
    • If anyone knows where to source this vegetable in the San Francisco area, please let me know.
    • That then takes one on the step of identifying where the pollution source is to be found.
    • With the children settled into new homes, their families at last heard where they were.
    • At some time will you give us the references to where the blood was found on Sako's garment?
    • I live in a terraced house so where am I supposed to garage this essential part of modern living?
    • The first thing they asked when entering the small house was where the dustbin was.
    • We all have a free choice as to where we shop, and, yes, I shop in Bolton myself.
    • Mistara was supposed to meet Scott here and see where she would be positioned next.
    • We'd be as anxious and pleased to see and read where our former players are playing and how.
    • But it is completely wrong for students to allow finances to decide where they study.
    • What is wrong with parents wanting to choose where they send their children to school?
    • The stroller started moving so I took the cover off and helped the baby sit up and see where we were.
  • 2

    (as relative)
    the house where she was born la casa donde nació
    • where we disagree is on the method donde no estamos de acuerdo es en el método
    • Though she did not marry the father, he built her a house where she lived and raised their son.
    • At last, he has been allowed to take up his office in the House of Commons, where he has raised the Irish flag.
    • There is no trace of the house where the grandparents lived for more than 40 years.
    • He could not even find the house where he had lived with his parents and sister.
    • The second reason is that Fleming gives a reference to the archive where the document can be found in Munich.
    • His estate included a house where he was living at the time of his death.
    • His biggest fear is losing the heavily mortgaged family house, where he lives alone.
    • She has two younger brothers and we all like to live as a family in a house where tennis is rarely mentioned.
    • Even here, where free speech is a right unless the mayor doesn't like you, I cannot get a hearing.
    • He thinks more and more shoppers are simply heading to a shopping centre, where parking is free and easy.
    • I wish for all my children a world where they will be free from hatred towards one another.
    • There was a site on the Internet where you could download free audio-editing software.
    • They run the Baen Free Library, which is a place where you can download free, complete books.
    • At the same time, the Post was the first paper where I felt free to write as a gay man.
    • Of all the parks in the city, this may be the only one where people feel free to walk on the grass.
    • She explained that this was the langur hall, where free meals are served round the clock.
    • So, what would happen in a free market where anyone could ply their trade in a cab?
    • I love the idea of America, where people are free and we have a representational democracy.
    • Not only is he in the position where he has to make tough decisions, he doesn't cop out of them.
    • Anyone know of a car where the speedometer is directly in front of the driver?


  • 1

    (indicating direction) adonde
    (indicating direction) donde
    you won't be needing any money where you're going adonde vas no te hará falta dinero
  • 2

    (in cases where)
    drugs are used where other methods prove unsuccessful se usan fármacos en los casos en que / cuando otros métodos no dan resultado
    • where her private life is concerned … cuando se trata de su vida privada …
    • where appropriate/necessary/possible cuando / allí donde sea apropiado/necesario/posible
  • 3

    where others would lose heart, she remains optimistic cuando otros perderían el ánimo, ella permanece optimista