Translation of whereas in Spanish:


mientras que, conj.

Pronunciation /ˌ(h)wɛrˈæz/ /wɛːrˈaz/


  • 1

    (while, on the other hand)
    mientras que
    en tanto que formal
    • She's the one who is moving on whereas her parents are stuck with the story, are stuck in the past.
    • He lived through his era, whereas so many of his friends died in racing accidents.
    • Nanjing has also in the past been the capital of China, whereas now Beijing has that role.
    • We have natural light whereas working underground we had artificial light.
    • Berti wants as many of them as possible, whereas I deliberately minimised them.
    • Now that's brave, whereas sitting here with cancer, typing a magazine article, is not.
    • A nonalignable difference is that a bus has a schedule whereas a bicycle does not.
    • Someone in prison is still able to contribute something to society whereas someone executed cannot.
    • The supernatant was kept in stock whereas the residue was sequentially extracted three times.
    • The port was well fortified and defended, whereas the Vendéans had no siege train.
    • This measure of right and left has not changed in hundreds of years, whereas specific policies have.
    • We can make this in minutes; whereas previously it would take hours to make this part.
    • At the beginning of this debate Stephen said that he thinks that he is a positivist, whereas I am a Platonist.
    • A dark room will trigger less light, whereas a bright room will drive more light output.
    • To the north, the second lava unit is by far the thickest, whereas the older unit is only 2 m thick.
    • The Arctic is an ocean basin with peripheral continents, whereas the Antarctic is continental.
    • It was based on polar coordinates whereas earlier instruments were based on cartesian coordinates.
    • Her car had been found on the Yorkshire moors, whereas she'd reappeared about fifty miles from there.
    • It is possible for the non-bidding team to win the game if they reach the target whereas the bidders are still below it.
    • Cooking for me is like putting on a show - I like to improvise, whereas Nicky is much more precise.
    • Negligence depends on a breach of duty, whereas contributory negligence does not.
    • Thus Mr Smith is now the respondent to this appeal, whereas Mr Clark was the claimant below.
    • The desks have damaged the walls, whereas a more appropriate choice could have prevented such damage.
    • The restoration procedure is discretionary, whereas the challenge to the forfeiture is not.
  • 2 formal

    considerando que
    por cuanto