Translation of whereby in Spanish:


Pronunciation /(h)wɛrˈbaɪ/ /wɛːˈbʌɪ/


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    such was the plan whereby she hoped to achieve her goals tal era el plan por medio del cual esperaba lograr sus objetivos
    • there are other means whereby agreement may be reached hay otros medios por los cuales se puede llegar a un acuerdo
    • a system whereby payments are made automatically un sistema por / según el cual los pagos se efectúan automáticamente
    • This follows another story last week whereby prisoners were trying to get permission to vote in elections.
    • Now I'm happy to see a development occur whereby it means something more spiritual.
    • There probably hasn't been a time in history whereby there's so much uncertainty.
    • Last week he ran a competition whereby you had to think of a way to blow a thousand quid so that you could win the same amount.
    • Some countries have laws whereby to buy a new car you must scrap the old one.
    • A plan was put in place whereby she was able to join a special account at her local Credit Union.
    • We have all been through the procedure whereby we have discussed our views, and at the end, failed to agree.
    • We need a process whereby that self determination can be reflected at a national level.
    • Ruth created an Art Project for her pupils whereby they had to design and create a Tea Pot.
    • Doing that, I am educated whereby I can write constructive letters and also sign my name.
    • He had an arrangement whereby he could arrive at any time he needed help.
    • They also have plans to raise the income thresholds whereby parents can still qualify for the benefit.
    • This bill was the mechanism whereby that scheme could have been made possible.
    • It is the sort of service whereby it would not matter how much was spent, the demand would not be satisfied.
    • We have a very silly situation whereby Queenstown and Taupo are able to open for business and we are not.
    • It is a vision whereby every child leaves school able to read, write, and do basic arithmetic.
    • We could have a scenario whereby a Minister was very keen to see certain applications proceed.
    • The second means whereby the position of these children was to be enhanced lay in improving the position of the father.
    • The courts there approved a pooling agreement, whereby the assets would be distributed rateably.
    • Haptic touch is a kind of sense whereby you can take a tool, and you can very quickly come to treat it as if it was part of your body.