Traducción de whether en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈ(h)wɛðər/ /ˈwɛðə/


  • 1

    she hasn't decided whether to apply no ha decidido si solicitarlo (o no)
    • tell me whether you need us or not orwhether or not you need us dime si nos necesitas o no
    • I doubt whether he knew dudo que lo supiera
    • whether you like it or not te guste o no te guste
    • whether by chance or by design ya sea por casualidad o a propósito
    • I would also like to see our children have more of a choice about whether or not to leave the county.
    • I have had considerable doubt as to whether or not the award was so high that we should reduce it.
    • They had planned for this, but he still doubted whether or not it was really going to work.
    • Hyndburn Council refused to say whether or not it had told Mr Smith the land was in green belt.
    • As with any postponement, opinions vary as to whether or not the game could have gone ahead.
    • If somebody is going to have an affair, they will do it whether or not someone tries to flirt with them.
    • MPs will then make a decision whether or not to build a Crossrail station in Woolwich.
    • He said he had not known at first whether or not to sign the petition, as people might think he was biased.
    • Later this year, there will also be a referendum on whether or not to have a regional assembly.
    • It is a matter of working out whether or not I want to even do it and then a matter of saying yes or no.
    • The debate concerning whether or not to open stores on Sunday is an excellent example.
    • These explanations will be checked out to establish whether or not they are genuine.
    • People are starting to ask whether or not the warning and evacuation was mishandled.
    • I don't want to belabour the issue whether or not all of this category actually is porn.
    • It's kinda hard to really decide whether or not to call Argento on the misogyny front.
    • Nor were there any questions about whether or not these young people had ever used a weapon.
    • However, it is not clear whether or not Santander would be prepared to wait this long.
    • This depends on whether or not your wife is working and, if so, where she will be employed.
    • Possibly this will depend on whether or not he has any more legal costs that need defraying.
    • It's a story, and I hope a good one, and whether or not people like it will depend on them.