Translation of whew in Spanish:


¡uf!, interj.

Pronunciation /fju/ /hwjuː/ /fjuː/


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    • All those long, languorous movements, eyes locked, bodies welded at the breast, legs entwining whew!
    • Speaking of different philosophies on relationships…whew!
    • You're almost relieved when you discover that it's mostly beans and rice: whew!
    • Finally, someone's making a period piece about the American military - whew!
    • We here in Seattle had record temperatures,, somewhere near 100 degrees, whew!
    • The whew of relief from Qantas management were audible.
    • It was a summer production, with shared dressing rooms - whew!
    • Eight turbines deep in the dam generate 1.35 million kilowatts of electricity, the lake supplies water to seven states and… whew!
    • I should say that I have two or three more chapters left, whew!
    • I was completely telling myself to breath at the end too, whew!
    • Looks like no damage done to my car, though, whew!
    • Me and a friend of mine was talking about Metro Center, whew, ideal spot you know, because that's like the hub, they come right in you know, from all different trains, so, I don't know.
    • Well we tracked her down and, whew, she's been busy.
    • The last 3 days have been really hectic, let me tell you, whew.
    • One straight week and we think: whew, it's summer, alright.
    • This week has been, whew, crazy-busy, and it's not over yet.
    • whew! It's a big ballot when you're carefully choosing your party central committee members.
    • When that storm came through at first, people said, whew.
    • Give it a shot, and end up good friends if it doesn't work out, but… whew.
    • They're innocent victims who've unwittingly exposed themselves, whew, sorted.