Translation of while in Spanish:


mientras, conj.

Pronunciation /(h)waɪl/ /wʌɪl/

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    (in time)
    they like to sing while they work les gusta cantar mientras trabajan
    • keys cut while you wait se hacen llaves al momento
    • they don't drink while on duty no beben cuando / mientras están de guardia
    • while I live, you need not worry about … mientras viva / mientras yo esté, no tendrás que preocuparte de …
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    while he's not exactly brilliant, he's a good student aunque no es lo que se dice brillante, es buen estudiante
    • the situation, while tense, seems unlikely to lead to war la situación aunque tensa, no es probable que lleve a una guerra
    • one must encourage them, while not raising their hopes unrealistically hay que animarlos, pero sin crearles expectativas falsas
    • In fact, while they are labeled as such, they are not really fantasy stories in the genre sense.
    • In fact, while the experiment was, of necessity, painful, it was far from worthless.
    • The fact remains that, while horses may not die of foot-and-mouth, they do carry the disease.
    • Peter says while the thought of group therapy may seem daunting, there are many benefits from working this way.
    • So the thought of flying, while appealing, was not at the top of my list of things to do.
    • I have always thought that Edinburgh, while grand in design, was timid in vision.
    • Now, though, while the price of these two has dropped more than two quid, so has the quality.
    • Thus while we can start with Waltz, we certainly do not want to stop with him.
    • But while it created room for the diffusion of authority it did not have a place for individualism.
    • Hegel, for example, while not defending war, observed that it was the nursery of the heroic virtues.
    • Such conditions, while toxic to plants and animals, can be quite cozy for archaeans.
    • Walking lines of kids around the Plateau on a long cord, while cute, cannot be the only option.
    • But while one side of the battle is finished, it will not go away.
    • So, while online petitions are useless, as everyone says, surely they can do no harm.
    • The spray is used to subdue violent offenders and, while painful, does not leave any permanent damage.
    • I knew that cat-claws, while wonderful things, cannot get traction on the glass of a mirror.
    • But while gay couples may be looking to settle down, some find life in Britain difficult.
    • The relationship, while exciting and original, had eventually become strained.
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    mientras que
    en tanto que formal
    I'm Catholic, while Debbie is Jewish soy católico, mientras que Debbie es judía
    • Danny Slatter has signed a one-year contract, while Russell Edwards has been released.
    • Some sought to contradict him, while others tried, unsuccessfully, to ignore his prying.
    • Spain is increasing the size of its fishing fleet while ours is contracting.
    • This indicates that expression of the transgene occurs in tubers while the endogene seems to be silent.
    • All the toes were red while the rest of the foot was white, indicating poor circulation.
    • Some contracts offer just protection, while others provide investment links.
    • The sky was almost black, while the trees and shrubs where all frosty pink.
    • Black cabbies pay the airport a fee to operate there, while Checker was required to bid for a contract.
    • O'Boyle is out of contract in the summer, while Thomas still has two years remaining on his deal.
    • A strange contradiction emerged as the art was praised while those who created it were degraded.
    • The main entrance is on the north while another to the south is used by a modern track.
    • Writing by hand continues to be basic to education while at the same time its value has declined in occupational terms.
    • Her husband spends his weekends watching football, while she watches soap operas and Sex and the City.
    • He was presented with a watch, while his wife Wendy was presented with a bouquet of flowers.
    • It can absorb the individual as a visit to the cinema can, while watching television can't.
    • There is a mistaken belief that it is a straight road, while in fact there is a slight bend.
    • Both in fact were non-rhotic, while the majority of Americans speak with rhotic accents.
    • Myrtle, for example, is the emblem of love while sweet lavender denotes a loyal heart.


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    (period of time)
    → see also worth
    wait a while espera un tiempo
    • it's a while since we had any news hace tiempo que no tenemos noticias
    • a little while later he was back al ratito / al poco rato estaba de vuelta
    • it's been a good while since we had any rain hace bastante (tiempo) que no llueve
    • he was here a little while ago hace un ratito estaba aquí
    • it happened a long while ago pasó hace mucho (tiempo)
    • it took us quite a while to find it tardamos bastante tiempo / un buen rato en encontrarlo
    • after a while she realized después de / al cabo de un rato se dio cuenta
    • she knew all the while that he was dead supo desde el principio que estaba muerto
    • I've been waiting all this while hace tanto rato que estoy esperando
    • they lived in Spain for a while vivieron un tiempo en España
    • sit down for a while siéntate un rato / ratito
    • I'm just going out for a little while voy a salir un ratito / momentito
    • I'll be back in a little while enseguida vuelvo
    • she'll be here in a short while llegará dentro de un ratito
    • I haven't tasted caviar in a very long while hace mucho tiempo que no pruebo caviar
    • it's the first time in a long while that she's missed a meeting es la primera vez en mucho tiempo que falta a una reunión