Translation of whim in Spanish:


capricho, n.

Pronunciation /(h)wɪm/ /wɪm/

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    capricho masculine
    antojo masculine
    maña feminine
    she indulges his every whim le consiente todos los caprichos
    • they left for Rio on a whim se les antojó irse a Río y se fueron
    • Apparently on a whim, Wonka suddenly decides to reopen his doors to five children.
    • She did it on a whim when the opportunity presented itself, and she died four days later.
    • He opened the door on a whim, expecting nothing, but instead, he was faced with four sets of eyes.
    • Recorded in 1987 and conceived on a whim, it was a source of irritation to the band themselves.
    • Regulations seem to be introduced, on a whim or a supposition, without any thought about how they are going to be enforced.
    • The assumption that Her Excellency just spent money on a whim is just plain wrong.
    • I suppose one of the plus sides to being single now is that if I fancy take-out I can order it on a whim.
    • It's absurd to suggest that decisions like these can be taken on a whim by the Home Secretary.
    • Do I renew those two domain names that I bought on a whim when they seemed like a good idea?
    • A player who is selected on a whim could just as easily be dropped on a whim.
    • On a whim, I responded to one of them, asking whether she ever comes into Center City.
    • I guess we shouldn't be so surprised that Tizard leaves meetings on a whim.
    • On a whim I pulled up the posters that lined the bottom of the cupboard.
    • This one was bought on a whim one bright Sunday afternoon in 1997, from Clone Zone on Old Compton Street.
    • One of my ancestors could have got really fed up with the weather in the middle of a dull March in 1700 and moved off to Wisconsin on a whim.
    • Typically the new apparel has been purchased on a whim since the user is aware that the existing pant selection is starting to show its age.
    • I don't just go flying around the country on a whim, dammit, I'm a penniless student!
    • When I started this weblog last October, it was more or less on a whim.
    • After the war Doohan on a whim enrolled in a drama class in Toronto.
    • But the lesson Ken must learn from this is not to even consider spending so much of the council's money on a whim.