Translation of whirl in Spanish:


girar, v.

Pronunciation /(h)wərl/ /wəːl/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) girar
    (person) dar vueltas
    (leaves/dust) arremolinarse
    (head) dar vueltas
    the sails of the windmill were whirling around and around las aspas del molino giraban sin parar
    • my head was giddy, the room was whirling estaba mareado, todo me daba vueltas
    • It seemed as though her body was dissolving, and as the potency rose, that her mind was whirling, spinning free of her.
    • I stared out the window, my mind spinning and whirling.
    • He was once again stoic and calculating, the face was blank, but she could sense that behind it his mind was whirling.
    • Her mind was whirling with what a sight that would be when his coughing brought her back to reality and out of dream land.
    • I am unable to stand up, and my mind whirls around.
    • Mind whirling, he turned and headed back inside.
    • Mind whirling with sudden recognition, I placed her in my memory as the girl I'd noticed at Demitrav's office.
    • My mind whirls; I knew that all of Leo's business transactions weren't going to be the right side of the law, but for the government to be involved shocked me.
    • I'm still drunk and my head whirls around endlessly.
    • Still, my mind whirls as the ground comes crashing upwards, ending in a bone-jarring snap.
    • My mind is whirling so quickly, I can't even think.
    • Clutching the tightly wrapped parcel in her hands, she poked her head out again, only to draw it back inside with a quickness that left her heart pounding and her mind whirling.
    • My mind was whirling with unanswered questions.
    • Her mind was whirling too, and before she could think it was a loud, unexpected ‘splash’, and she was thrown into the depth of a blue lake.
    • His brow furrowed in contemplation, his mind whirling.
    • Her mind was whirling with the fact that he'd kissed her back.
    • She left them, and made her way back to her bunk, her mind whirling.
    • But how can you sack out when your brain is whirling over tomorrow's three tests, cheerleading tryouts and your latest crush?
    • All he knew was that his brain was whirling, his throat was burning, and everything was all wrong.
    • Elise stared at the missive, brain whirling with unspoken questions.
    • The wind whistled through the trees, making the leaves whirl round Tanon's head.
    • Will I soon be going to Tea Dances at the village hall, whirling Mrs Skidmore round in a slow waltz in between the cups of weak Typhoo and the Garibaldi biscuits?
    • She kicked off her sandals and we started dancing; me whirling her round and round while her bare feet flew frivolously over the grass.
    • He took Becki's hands in his and they whirled round and round, until Becki felt rather dizzy.
    • It is also helpful to whirl the water round and then break the egg into the centre of the whirlpool.
    • The wind grew fiercer, sending leaves and twigs whirling around in the air.
    • Scarlet and rust-colored leaves whirled around his feet with the cool wind.
    • But her words fell upon deaf ears, Tane was moving, spinning, whirling around with tears in his eyes.
    • The fog whirled and eddied around her as she stepped out into the cobblestone street.
    • Predictably, he discovered on arrival at 6.15 on Wednesday night that, while his golf clubs were whirling round the carousel, his luggage had been lost en route.
    • Every time a Philly player scores a home run, a huge illuminated ‘liberty bell’ will whirl around, flash and chime repeatedly.
    • The first thing I noticed was the wind and cold exacerbated by the chopper's whirling blades blasting the freezing air down on us.
    • The cloud seemed to shimmer slightly, and then it coalesced into two whirling dust devils that raced away towards the enemy at phenomenal speed.
    • Instead, the fire whipped and whirled around me, crawling up the walls and ceiling as it coursed through the halls.
    • As they whirled and twirled, moving smoothly to the music, they seemed reunited.
    • This work conveys a sense of elements whirling about with the wind, much as in his In the Beginning; the artist makes good use of sgraffito to create additional designs.
    • All these details whirl round the hub of a performance by Stephens that excites decidedly mixed feelings.
    • They leave the walls and whirl round her, then fall like snow to the floor.
    • Words peel off from the text and whirl round the reader, who can also hit the words so that they bounce back to the walls, sometimes taking up different positions from before.
    • Around her whirled a kaleidoscope of unfamiliar faces, a jumbled chorus of voices sounding in ten different languages.
  • 2

    (move fast)
    she whirled past on her bike pasó en su bicicleta como una exhalación
    • he whirled around se dio media vuelta rápidamente
    • He slammed the brakes as the world whirled around and past him.
    • Whole afternoons must whirl past in a daze at Highgrove with hundreds of people rushing about.
    • The world whirled past me in a blur, and I didn't stop for anything.
    • Eventually, Samantha whirled past me and saw my predicament.
    • Before Matt could reply, the woman had whirled past him and stopped about two inches from my face.
    • I pushed past him and whirled down stairs, to see if he was playing tricks with me.
    • Gleaming white walls whirled past his sight and then deep blue shadows.
    • She whirls into the room, waving what looks like an old dishcloth.
    • Owen, at his most alert and intuitive, spun round to whirl the ball beyond Ricardo with his right foot.

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacer girar
    the boat was whirled around by the current la corriente hacía girar el bote
    • the wind whirled the dust into the air el viento levantaba remolinos de polvo
  • 2

    (convey quickly)
    (rápidamente) llevar
    he whirled us off to a nightclub nos llevó a un club nocturno


  • 1

    giro masculine
    vuelta feminine
    (of dust) remolino masculine
    (of dust) torbellino masculine
    the social whirl el ajetreo de la vida social
    • The tempestuous whirl of circum-Antarctic waters is also responsible for their being among the most fertile in the world.
    • The rainbows of colour scattered around the room coupled with the whirl of the spinning wheels when they are put into motion is an amazing combination and makes for a very comfortable atmosphere.
    • The whirl of snow rises up next to me becoming bigger than life, completely engulfs me and quickly passes over.
    • The place is now a mad whirl of gyrating bodies and the music seems louder than ever.
    • ‘It's been almost three years,’ Carl mused, looking at the colorful whirls of dancers in front of him.
    • Vesper led Imite on a series of terrifying whirls, wheeling through the starry sky.