Translation of white paper in Spanish:

white paper

libro blanco, n.


  • 1

    (in UK)
    (documento oficial en el que se consigna la política gubernamental sobre determinado asunto) libro blanco masculine
    • It was earlier in the year that Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott published a White Paper setting out proposals to allow the nine English regions to hold referendums to decide if elected regional councils should be set up.
    • Not long before Monsoon Wedding was released, the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a White Paper, or statement of policy, on immigration and citizenship.
    • Unveiling the proposals in a White Paper last November, the then Health Secretary John Reid estimated a ban would cover between 70 and 90 per cent of all pubs.
    • Present a Green Paper (for discussion) and then a White Paper (containing policy proposals) to the House of Assembly.
    • The fundamental changes the Labour government is pushing through can be further seen in a White Paper, issued in December 1999.
    • The reform measures are still at the consultative stage, but the University hopes to issue a White Paper laying out its plans later in the year.
    • Health Secretary Alan Milburn will announce that a White Paper is to be drawn up setting out proposals intended to end the ‘blame culture’ in the NHS and cut the spiralling legal costs of medical negligence claims.
    • For the actual policies that Mayor Winter hopes to press ahead with, he will release a White Paper which will detail the proposals.
    • In a White Paper currently before Parliament, the office of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, is setting out new regulations for local government finance.
    • However, it has fallen short of recommending a new runway and has instead issued a consultation document, The Future of Aviation, after which it will publish a White Paper next year.
    • Transport Secretary Alistair Darling will present a White Paper outlining how the country can cope with passenger growth over the next 30 years.
    • It is understood that the proposals will form part of a White Paper on schools for publication by Education Secretary Ruth Kelly in the autumn.
    • In 1998, the government released its information strategy for the NHS, entitled Information For Health, to support a White Paper which outlined the vision of a modern and dependable NHS.
    • ‘Two years ago the Government brought out a White Paper outlining ways in which tobacco issues could be tackled and encouraging local authorities to get involved,’ she said.
    • The proposals were contained in a White Paper launched yesterday by the Office of National Statistics and apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
    • The Government is considering a radical shake-up of university funding, with its proposals to be published in a White Paper in January.
    • The MoD dismissed the report as ‘pure speculation’ but a White Paper on the future of the armed forces is due within weeks.
    • A proposed change in the licensing laws, to be published in a White Paper in April, may address this issue, he said.
    • The Section 19 provision would be repealed ‘at the earliest opportunity’ and a White Paper on modernising out-of-date working conditions would come in the spring, the Hull East MP told the Commons.
    • We are already addressing some of the issues raised by Sir John Stevens and will continue the momentum with a White Paper in the spring.