Translation of white spirit in Spanish:

white spirit

espíritu de petróleo, n.


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    (usado como sustituto del aguarrás) espíritu de petróleo masculine
    • Be vigilant not only with medicines but also with common household products, such as bleach, polishes, paint thinners, white spirit, oven cleaners and paint.
    • The privately-owned firm manufactures and packages an array of products including white spirit, methylated spirit, turpentine and creosote.
    • After the blaze millions of litres of contaminated water, including white spirit, turpentine, creosote and asbestos, poured into the drain.
    • Rub with a solution of 300 ml white spirit, 300 ml water and a teaspoon of washing-up liquid.
    • Neighbours said the family had been decorating and flammable paint and white spirit had been stored at the foot of the stairs.
    • The shed was destroyed; apparently he did not know about the inflammable properties of white spirit.
    • This can be easily removed by the use of solvents such as turpentine or white spirit.
    • Mess is averted by having a wet rag - soaked in white spirit for gloss, or water for acrylic paints - to hand at all times, allowing you to clean splashes immediately.
    • I have to find a good alternative to white spirit for thinning inks.
    • There was forensic evidence which indicated that the accelerant used to set the fire was white spirit.
    • She kindly took me into the florists, obtained some white spirit and managed to get a lot of the paint off me so that I could go home.
    • I am not a paint expert and I didn't know what to do, so I got some white spirit, and removed the paint.
    • I've just finished doing some painting with enamel paint and my room stinks of white spirit.
    • An investigation later revealed that fires had been started deliberately in different parts of the house and containers of white spirit or turpentine were recovered.
    • What they appear to have done was pour white spirit on front doormats outside the flats, which created heavy smoke logging.
    • C was a 14-year-old remedial school girl who, while hungry and exhausted, set fire to a garden shed by throwing two lighted matches on to the carpeted floor after she had poured white spirit on to it.
    • Ms Brogden's car was first vandalised at the beginning of May when white spirit was poured over the bonnet, driver's door and passenger door.
    • She finds some white spirit and, without recognising any risk that might be involved, throws a considerable amount over the coal.
    • If there is any label glue left on the outside of the tins clean it off with white spirit.