There are 2 main translations of who in Spanish

: who1WHO2


quién, pron.

Pronunciation /hu/ /huː/ /hʊ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in questions)

      (singular) quién
      (plural) quiénes
      who is that? ¿quién es ése?
      • who are they? ¿quiénes son?
      • who are we to criticize them? ¿quiénes somos nosotros para criticarlos?
      • who are you writing to? ¿a quién le estás escribiendo?
      • Bridget who? ¿Bridget qué / cuánto?
      • who do you think you are? ¿tú qué te crees?
      • You can listen to the bands, check the odds and see who you'd pick, and bet on them to win.
      • As yet we haven't been given any clues as to who can support Hounsou in the lead role.
      • If you were a London cabbie, who would you most like to have in the back of your cab?
      • Mr Summers said it is hard to plan what the group will be doing as he does not know who will audition.
      • Becki wondered who had done it and whether they would let her do the same next year.
      • No doubt when we arrive the press will be wondering who all these shiny new people are!
      • It was just begging me to open it and find out who was sending me an anonymous letter.
      • I wonder who's going to turn first out of all those Conservatives involved?
      • Who believes in intelligence reports?

    • 1.2(in indirect questions)

      I don't know who you're talking about no sé de quién estás hablando
      • guess who I met today! ¡adivina con quién me encontré hoy!

  • 2

    • 2.1(as relative)

      the boy who won the prize el chico que ganó el premio
      • there are blankets for those who want them hay mantas para quienes quieran
      • he/she who follows the path of righteousness quien escoja el camino de la virtud

    • 2.2(the one, ones that)

      you can tell who you like se lo puedes decir a quien/quienes quieras
      • who dares wins quien nada arriesga nada gana

There are 2 main translations of WHO in Spanish

: who1WHO2


OMS, n.


  • 1

    OMS feminine