Traducción de window shopping en Español:

window shopping

Pronunciación /ˈwɪndoʊ ˌʃɑpɪŋ/


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    the only thing to do was window shopping lo único que había para hacer era ir a mirar escaparates
    • Residents near the store, who have taken a day off from work, come in for some window shopping.
    • You know, early on, there's a lot of window shopping going on.
    • Unlike many mall visitors, Ms. Kitty seems quite content with window shopping.
    • Once tired of window shopping, they decided to catch a movie.
    • A little time spent window shopping can result in significant long-term savings at the gas pump.
    • It's time to do a little "window shopping."
    • They were also very beneficial to store owners in a way that allowed people to continue with their window shopping on rainy days.
    • There's no time for dawdling around the centre and doing a little window shopping.
    • Hemmed in on all sides by low-rise buildings, the forecourt provides a breathing space for meeting, socializing and window shopping.
    • Then we did some window shopping downtown.
    • And later, it's almost time for window shopping.
    • Jostling and window shopping is part of the deal and we did it all.
    • I didn't have a lot to do so I decided to walk around town, do some window shopping, something to keep me from home.
    • Why don't you do a little window shopping?
    • After all, you do not need to pay for window shopping or being a window gourmet.
    • Granted, this is window shopping, but when you know what you're after, there's nothing wrong with that.
    • "Malls are only good for window shopping, as I find them too expensive."
    • Teenagers cycled past on bikes and young mothers pushing prams made their leisurely way down the street, stopping occasionally to do a bit of window shopping.
    • They are described as the British farming industry's most high-profile shop window, and with such a variety of goods on offer, window shopping has never been so tempting.
    • Trips will last an average of three hours and 57 minutes; however a large amount of this is window shopping.