Traducción de wine en Español:


vino, n.

Pronunciación /waɪn/ /wʌɪn/

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    vino masculino
    (bottle/cask) (before noun) de vino
    her lips were like wine sus labios eran como la miel literario
    • to put new wine in old bottles echar vino nuevo en pellejos viejos
    • wine merchant vinatero
    • wine taster catavinos
    • wine therapy vinoterapia
    • wine tourism enoturismo
    • The fine-wine merchant is the place to go if you want to buy and cellar great vintage wines.
    • He poured the sparkling red wine into a glass at a small table with two chairs around it.
    • For other cheesy dishes, a light, fruity red wine is sometimes better.
    • Bordeaux is in south-west France and produces fine red wines that are often referred to as claret.
    • The world's finest wines are invariably produced from poor quality soils where few other crops would be worth planting.
    • You can practically taste the chilled white wine in that glass.
    • Salty foods may make sweet wines taste sweeter.
    • There is a correct way to prepare and drink mulled wine.
    • California makes some pretty decent sparkling wines at very competitive prices.
    • Sweet dessert wines generally hold up better than dry wines once opened.
    • I did not see one of them drinking dessert wines, port, or similar drinks.
    • We sipped more wine with dinner and it made us a bit giggly.
    • Red Bordeaux is the world's best wine, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the best grapes.
    • But I'd bet that many wine drinkers have the same problem I do.
    • I spent the next few years improving my ability to appreciate fine wine and single malt whisky.
    • If you're short of space, move wine, beer and other drinks into a cool place, such as the garage.
    • The last research placed Bulgaria twelfth in the volume share list of world wine exporters.
    • Of course, I immediately undid all the good work with a large serving of mussels in garlic and white wine sauce.
    • For a twelfth generation wine producer Olivier had a refreshing amount of enthusiasm for his subject.
    • The grape spirit market was in decline, too, so the EC wine lake was overflowing.
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    rojo granate masculino
    (invariable adjectivebefore noun) rojo granate