Translation of witness in Spanish:


testigo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪtnəs/

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  • 1

    • 1.1Law

      testigo masculine, feminine
      to call sb as a witness citar a algn como testigo
      • witness for the prosecution/defense testigo de cargo/de la defensa / de descargo
      • witness stand estrado
      • witness box estrado
      • The evidence consisted of admissions, exhibits and the testimony of two police witnesses.
      • Although referred to by the witness Police Constable Fagin during the course of her testimony the print out was not produced in evidence before me.
      • The defense also subpoenaed several police officers as defense witnesses who evidently were not taken into account in making the first estimate.
      • And finally, the suspect might have police witnesses who are willing to testify about mix-ups in the evidence lockers.
      • Defendants, witnesses, solicitors, police officers and probation officers will then have to travel 25 miles across Salisbury Plain.
      • The said witness gave a statement to the police as well as testimony at trial.
      • Judges, lawyers, police officers and witnesses already complain about the frequent delays and adjournments in court.
      • ‘Out of all the statements police take from witnesses, only a minority of those go to court,’ he said.
      • Not having seen the witnesses, the appellate court cannot easily form a view about their general credibility.
      • All of the police witnesses who testified were candid in their evidence that the seizure of the clothing was unrelated to the burglary tool charge.
      • The two witnesses were not challenged on what they had said to those police witnesses on cross-examination.
      • After more objections from the Attorney-General and Solicitor General, the Court held the witness's testimony inadmissible.
      • All the matters alleged by the applicant had been put to the witness by the police and been denied.
      • Plans are being drawn up to issue police witnesses in court cases with a mobile phone to summon them to the witness stand just before they are needed with a simple text message.
      • In the following section of the case stated the magistrates summarise the testimony of the witnesses who gave evidence.
      • He is due to appear before the High Court on October 20, where he will argue new evidence has been unearthed to discredit the testimony of a key witness in his trial.
      • Sinclair complained that the Crown had failed to disclose a police statement that was inconsistent with evidence the witness gave in court.
      • What is relevant is to consider, does this statement tend to challenge or contradict the testimony of the witness?
      • The Trial Chamber heard testimony from about 30 witnesses who survived the brutality, and who reported the frequent killings and torture.
      • But because they are about acceptance of the testimony of the witnesses, they build up the credibility of the complainant.

    • 1.2(to event)

      testigo masculine, feminine
      to be witness/a witness to sth ser testigo de algo
      • This normally takes the form of two witnesses to the crime or one witness and corroborating evidence, usually in the form of forensic evidence.
      • Police are appealing for any witnesses to the accident to contact them at Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
      • I am appealing to any witnesses to the accident to come forward.
      • Unfortunately it's a very high traffic area and not only would there be tons of witnesses to my crime, my life would have been endangered by speeding cars passing by.
      • Police are trying to trace the driver of the red Nissan and are appealing for witnesses to the accident at 8.45 pm on Friday to contact them on 856 6121.
      • The witnesses to the accident agreed never to reveal who had slipped first, but according to Slesser both men ‘were an accident waiting to happen’.
      • He also says there were valuable witnesses to that crime.
      • There were no witnesses to the crime but if anyone has any further information then please contact the Det Sgt Willmott on 01268 511212.
      • Any witnesses to the accident, who saw either vehicle before it, should call Beverley Police Station on 01482 597900.
      • Sgt Desmond appealed for witnesses to the crime to come forward.
      • The problem was that there were no witnesses to the crime.
      • Traffic officer PC Mark Pearce is asking witnesses to the accident to call 01245 452918
      • Police have now issued a picture of Mr Goldman in a bid to get as many witnesses to the crime or the immediate aftermath to come forward to help them in their investigations.
      • Sgt Bussey has now appealed for witnesses to the accident.
      • Officials say the shirts are intended to intimidate witnesses to crime.
      • But when I talked to them, none of the witnesses to the crime had done so.
      • Later, the authorities said the soldiers might have been witnesses to a crime committed by others.
      • The quality cannot be guaranteed, but they come from all corners to the Cork county final, knowing they are witnesses to a unique event.
      • The quotations above are from various witnesses to that event.
      • There were no independent witnesses to the accident which occurred on the main Cork-Bandon road.

    • 1.3(to contract, signature)

      testigo masculine, feminine
      I was a witness at his wedding fui testigo en su boda
      • you'll need a witness to your signature necesitas a alguien que atestigüe tu firma
      • to stand witness atestiguar
      • To become a legal document, the will must be printed and signed with two witnesses present.
      • If you didn't use a lawyer, you could always retype the entire document and then sign it in the presence of two witnesses and a notary.
      • The document is signed by two witnesses, and has the standing of a legally binding agreement.
      • His daughter, Sruti Hassan, was a witness when he signed the papers in the presence of the Director of Medical Education, C. Ravindranath.
      • Couples sign the partnership document in the presence of two witnesses and a Civil Partnership Registrar.
      • A will in your own handwriting is perfectly legal provided it is signed by two witnesses.
      • Someone had signed her postal voting declaration and someone else had signed as the witness.
      • All three Petitions include the same constellation of facts, dates, actions, omissions, documents, witnesses and alleged damages.
      • The dowry contract was read aloud and signed by witnesses.
      • The district judge said that she did not require witnesses to be present.
      • I was relieved when the interminable service was over, and the solemn signing the register with witnesses was announced.
      • The witnesses should obtain and document the consenting person's name and relationship to the patient.
      • Even if there are not third-party witnesses to this statement, this is the sort of testimony that the trial system is designed to evaluate.

  • 2

    (testimony, evidence)
    to be witness to sth ser testimonio / prueba de algo
    atestiguar algo
    • History is witness to the fact, however, that those who chose to migrate and remained aware of the price to be paid are the ones who made the process of migration a successful one.
    • There's nothing more uncomfortable than being witness to someone's issues.
    • History is witness to the fact that at that time also some extremists had incited local people to ignite the fire of riots.
    • Their deaths stand in visible and evident witness to the disjunctive structure of a Christian ethics of redemption.
    • Mr. Mason, the mysteriously wounded house guest, stood as witness to the fact that Bertha was still alive and living at Thoriifield.
    • His Narrative stands witness to this issue of self-naming.
    • The large following created over 25 centuries ago and continuing to this day is witness to the fact that something of distinct value was created.
    • The Canterbury Tales bear eloquent witness to the fact that for centuries Becket's tomb in the cathedral was the greatest pilgrimage shrine in England.
    • In photos they forever give witness to the fact that every piece of the built world was imagined by human mind, placed by human hand.
    • So much so that one begins to wonder if one is in fact witness to an ancient Flanderian sign language, life-threatening to those who fail to grasp its flailing inflections.
    • The feedback in this case showed that the sole witness to the apparition was a six year old boy named Roddy.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (observe, see)
    (change/event) ser testigo de
    (crime/accident) presenciar
    (crime/accident) ser testigo de
    (crime/accident) ver
    this region is witnessing an unprecedented economic upturn esta región está viviendo una reactivación económica sin precedentes
    • In the end, however, the administration thought it would be an intriguing experience for students to witness the process of movie making up close and personal.
    • Several experimental observations witnessing the reliability of the structural model have already been reported.
    • We'd be able to watch that life growing and witness its development.
    • In recent years, we've witnessed the birth and development of the PC as an artistic hobby.
    • I have had my own experience of witnessing a mayor-turned-municipal activist.
    • Heavy-handed searches, of the type witnessed by The Observer, involve large numbers of troops, armoured vehicles and attack helicopters.
    • Future generations will not have the pleasure and privilege of observing what I witnessed the other morning.
    • It was a touching experience to witness the third years as they marched up to the stage to collect their certificate from the principal, knowing this was the final day of their junior high school lives.
    • I have been the village postman in Troutbeck for 18 years and during that time have witnessed dramatic changes in the availability of reasonable houses to rent or buy.
    • According to restaurant staff who witnessed the crime, there were at least six attackers, and they were dressed in police uniforms.
    • At the moment, we are even working with Interpol because one of our clients witnessed war crimes in Kosovar.
    • The girl managed to hide behind the refrigerator with her brother and witnessed the war crimes first-hand.
    • He was never involved in nor did he witness a war crime.
    • Later, arising out of the Carew murder case, the anonymous maidservant who witnessed the crime describes ‘a very small gentleman’.
    • By law, if three or more people witness a crime on the scale of murder, the one who committed the crime had no right to a fair trial.
    • Soon after witnessing the rape and murder of his ostracised mother, he leaves home without word.
    • When Connor sees that Michael's teenage son has witnessed the crime, it spells tragedy for the O'Sullivan family.
    • If I get burgled, especially with the cops at my home at the time witnessing the crime, I think the only chance of getting an arrest or a charge of burglary would be to ring Stephen Franks.
    • Some locals talk about wanting to pack up and leave after witnessing violent crime.
    • She said officers were following several lines of inquiry in connection with the incident and appealed to anyone who thought they had been a victim of crime, or anyone who had witnessed a crime in the area, to come forward.
    • There are officers out there who deserve our support, some of whom have witnessed these crimes by their peers and have turned them in to face prosecution.
    • By the time they realize their mistake, Dennis has a protector, namely Robert, who has witnessed the crime from his hotel window.
    • Some of those people might believe they are smart, because nobody witnessed the crime and it saves him/her a few euros.
    • The common factor in the two stories from different sides of the border is the indifference and the fear that paralyses people who witness such crimes.
    • He was caught on CCTV and a staff member witnessed the theft.
    • This all changed after witnessing the attempted crime right outside my window that night.
    • Finally, this period witnessed an unprecedented growth of Japan's cities.
    • Indeed, the US economy witnessed unprecedented growth.
    • The post-Ranjit Singh period witnessed certain developments when attempts were made to revert to the Khalsa tradition.
    • Services were disrupted during World War I and the interwar period witnessed few new developments except for the introduction of diesel motorships.
    • This collection examines the period from the early 1980s that witnessed the beginning of dramatic changes in East-West relations.
    • The period since World War II has witnessed dramatic changes in the preferences of individuals and their allocation of time and resources.
    • This period has witnessed major changes in our diets, lifestyle, and social practices, some of which may be having profound effects on human health.
    • The period 1894-1913 witnessed intense growth in investment in tramways.
    • Moreover, this period witnessed unparalleled growth in global competition.
    • The modern period has witnessed the emergence of many new forms of poetry and popular fiction.
    • WW I was an ‘artillery war’ par excellence, witnessing the dramatic development of indirect fire and artillery fire control.
    • The last twenty years have witnessed some dramatic developments in organizations and the relations between them.
    • On the Continent, the Carolingian period witnessed a renewal of interest in classical art and learning.
    • Twentieth century's final years witnessed some cataclysmic events unprecedented in history.
    • Critics point out that the city has witnessed a dramatic growth in employment due to an influx of high-technology manufacturing and service industries.
    • The Victorian period also witnessed considerable change in the economic structure of Scotland.
    • Last year witnessed a dramatic downturn and 2002 promises to be little better, despite earlier hopes of a rebound in the second half of the year.
    • The 1970s witnessed dramatic changes in policy rationales for state involvement in economic affairs.
    • In the last several decades, the world has witnessed a knowledge explosion in the life sciences based on an understanding of genes and how they work.
    • The fall campaign witnessed extensive religious mobilization, albeit in a different configuration than in past years.
  • 2

    (signature) atestiguar
    (will) atestiguar la firma de
    • The signatures were forged by the defendant, who also signed the documents as having witnessed the signatures.
    • Ms Malone said she put her name as witnessing the documents that Mr Phelan handed to her.
    • Mr Boundy was asked to witness the document and ensure that it was dated, and to return the mortgage document to the Piccadilly branch.
    • Hunston wrote to the Law Society last November complaining that Doran had sworn in an affidavit that he witnessed Hunston signing the document.
    • Mr. Hillis witnessed Julien Gaignard's signature on the document.
    • If the patient already has signed the consent, it would be impossible for someone not present at the time to witness the patient's signature.
    • The Charter was witnessed by Angela Billingham as Northampton's MEP and Neil Kinnock as the European Parliament's Commissioner of Transport.
    • He was so concerned at the reference to Addison's disease, he wanted his neighbour, a local clergyman, to witness the records.
    • I hereby witness the signing of this document by the above named in my presence.
    • He then asks them to witness the signature of his will.
    • Who is allowed to witness the patient's signature on the consent form?
    • His record was witnessed and verified by Gary Knight from Record Breakers.
    • However, the first he knew of her career was when she asked him to witness her record contract, as she was still underage.
    • The witness is not witnessing the accuracy of the information provided but is witnessing the signature of the person.
    • Their signatures were again witnessed by John Walden.
    • The vendors are certain of its authenticity, for they have witnessed the signature in person, but to allay scepticism they often list the item with a photograph of the event.
    • Sir Elton's signature was witnessed by Mr Halley.
    • At the request of BMO, Mr. Yack witnessed Dr. Karimian's signature on this guarantee.
    • On most of my visits I saw Wendy Gould, who was living with him, as appears from the address she gave when she witnessed his signature on the Lease.
    • Stephen's assistant witnessed their signatures, and Stephen put it in the house safe.
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intransitive verb

  • 1

    to witness to sth dar fe de algo
    atestiguar algo
  • 2

    witness the winter of 1963 piensen en / recuerden el invierno de 1963
    • she is a very talented writer, as witness her 'Olivia' es una escritora de gran talento, tal como lo demuestra su 'Olivia'