Traducción de wonder en español:


asombro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwəndər/ /ˈwʌndə/

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  • 1

    (awe, curiosity)
    asombro masculino
    a child's sense of wonder la capacidad de asombro de un niño
    • we gazed in wonder at the scene contemplamos la escena maravillados
    • his success is an endless source of wonder to me su éxito es todo un misterio para mí / no deja de maravillarme
    • She remembered his other expressions, wonder, joy, amazement; all positive feelings.
    • But that fear was drowned out by the overwhelming emotions that filled her: awe and wonder, expectation and joy.
    • For most of us this remarkable series of volumes will be a constant source of wonder, amazement, and re-thinking.
    • I entered in on that commitment full of joy and wonder and love and hope.
    • We are staring at them in wonder, not admiration, but they don't seem to know the difference.
    • We are now told, with equal wonder and admiration, that natural selection is the agent of exquisite design.
    • One day, when the sun shone hot and strong, I stood before this giant in silent wonder and admiration.
    • It's a constant source of wonder and amazement to me that people do.
    • The looks that I was receiving from my teammates were not ones of admiration or wonder, but of worry.
    • Walking out of Hannibal, I was struck with a sense of wonder and amazement.
    • It evoked feelings of nostalgia, embarrassment and wonder at how I was thinking then.
    • But every once in a while, the images become a source of awe and wonder, thought and anticipation.
    • She looked beautiful with an expression that spoke of happiness, anxiety and wonder all at once.
    • There is so much suffering in the world that we can only sit back in amazement and wonder how this could occur in a just world.
    • She listened in amazement and wonder, and when he ended, she immediately got up.
    • Do you have excellent drumming and acting skills and the ability to communicate joy, wonder and depth?
    • His eyes were pleading with her, sympathy and pity and wonder all at the same time.
    • I've observed their joy and wonder, and I've seen their fear and sadness in the face of events they cannot control.
    • They present a perfect blend of pathos, wonder, derision, fear, disgust and fury.
    • One point of connection between science and the love that faith reveals is wonder.
    • Explore the wonders of coral reefs, mangrove communities, and seagrass beds while identifying the marine organisms that live there.
    • Divers can explore the underwater wonders of Eastern Indonesia on seven to eight days cruises to the islands of Komodo, Alor, Flores, Sumbawa and Lombok.
    • And new galleries exploring the wonders of astronomy and the study of time and an improved astronomy education centre will be opened in the South Building along with a shop and cafe.
    • So, whilst my friends get dragged off to work every Saturday morning, I'm free to lie in and then explore the wonders of Kiwibox.
    • They explore the wonders of nature from songbirds to horned deer.
    • An interactive exhibition which will captive inquiring minds with hands of fun and equipment to test and explore the wonders of science.
    • Spot familiar faces, places and scenarios in their lyrics as they explore the wonders of the pubs and the pints of the glorious North.
    • ‘It's not at all incongruous to be exploring the wonders of the cosmos as part of an official Vatican scientific thing,’ he said.
    • Yet, within the civic grandeur of an important ‘community’ space, patrons are able to explore the wonders of a library.
    • I genuinely think the world is an amazing place, and I imagine I could spend upwards of five lifetimes exploring its wonders.
    • Another perfect way to explore the subtle wonders of the wild is on interpretative bush walks, a favourite with bird watchers and plant enthusiasts.
    • The runway at Taos is ground-zero for exploring the ancient wonders of northern New Mexico
    • The island is fast-becoming a destination for hikers and many of the wonders can be explored at leisure during a walk in countryside.
    • A place of timeless beauty, it beckons to anyone eager to explore remote natural wonders.
    • The Grand Canyon is also a place to find and explore the wonders of God's creation.
    • She agrees to do so only if Ben will join her in exploring the wonders under the sea.
    • It had been almost 10 years since I last put on a pair of goggles and a snorkel to see the wonders of Queensland's coral reef.
    • We were exploring the glories and wonders of this fantastic country, which is booming under this Government.
    • These people who, while believing in a god and goddess, follow the ancient pagan religions that revere the wonders and beauty of nature and its changing seasons.
    • The work of the poet, who perceives and attempts to define the wonders, complexities and beauty of nature, is hidden and obscured for many.
  • 2

    (marvel, miracle)
    maravilla femenino
    the eighth wonder of the world la octava maravilla
    • it's a wonder (that) he didn't break his neck es asombroso / es un milagro que no se matara
    • you're not eating properly; no wonder you feel tired! no estás comiendo bien; no me extraña que estés cansado / ¡con razón estás cansado!
    • with so much unemployment it's little / small wonder that crime is on the increase con tanto desempleo no es de extrañar que siga aumentando la delincuencia
    • is it any wonder he has no friends? ¿te sorprende que no tenga amigos?
    • This is a magical world brimming with wonders, diverse and remarkable.
    • It's no wonder that across the country they increasingly regard their elected representatives as gutless wonders.
    • It has been less than a week since the gutless wonder conceded the election way too soon.
    • Cooper should know better, but the gutless wonder is having his puppet strings pulled by the cabinet.
    • That's why they will someday be seen as heroes, long after the gutless wonders with breathy voices are forgotten.
    • It is an age of miracles and wonders, of sightings of Mary and warnings, of prophecy, graces and gifts.
    • These gutless wonders did not come close to meeting those basic requirements.
    • Cultural differences enhance the wonder of camp for children, youth, and adults.
    • She is truly one of the musical wonders of the age.
    • Anyway, what I am trying to say is they are a bunch of toothless wonders, incapable of creation and development, but proven at destruction - sectarian indeed.
    • Ready or not, the Millennium Year is on us, barraging us with a dizzying array of high-flying hype about the wonders of the New Age.
    • The best solution was to put him back stage - oh the wonders of the electronic age!
    • They are pathetic, gutless wonders who have the ability to analyse but are always cowardly when it comes to downgrading a company that deserves it.
    • In an age of five-minute wonders some trainers of the traditional martial arts are sceptical whether Krav Maga has the stamina to go the distance.
    • Our plane flew up one valley, and in a few short minutes we came within sight of one of South America's natural wonders - Kaiteur Falls.
    • As well as ancient sights that rank among the wonders of the world, China now has space-age hotels and superb shopping.
    • Legends abound around the creation of these spectacular churches that are considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.
    • But discovering the wonder of a sprouting seed, or watching how a worm moves underground can still compete with Gameboys and win.
    • Here's where old ideas, like the wonder of a common currency, have struggled to cope with a multiplicity of new and very different economies.
    • Now I feed my dog on chicken thighs at 40p a pound; a bargain made possible by the wonder of industrialised farming.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (ponder, speculate)
    to wonder about sb/-ing
    why do you ask? — oh, I was just wondering ¿por qué preguntas? — por nada / por saber
    • who can that be, I wonder? ¿quién será?
    • I wonder if $50 will be enough me pregunto si con 50 dólares va a alcanzar
    • he said it was an accident — I wonder dijo que fue un accidente — tengo mis dudas
    • at first it seemed a good idea, but now I'm beginning to wonder al principio me pareció una buena idea pero ya no estoy tan seguro / pero ahora tengo mis dudas
    • the sight of them sitting together set me wondering verlos sentados juntos me hizo pensar
  • 2

    (marvel, be surprised)
    to wonder at sth
    • He followed her brisk stride, through the hallways and into her office, all the while wondering at the marvel that was Katherine Wood.
    • Talking to them, we wondered at the freedom they had enjoyed from an early age.
    • She wondered at the invisibility that her clothing offered her.
    • He'd expected no thanks for his intervention - maybe perhaps more of a verbal assault - but instead she'd given him an amazed, sweet, wondering look, the look of a woman who had finally seen him as a man.
    • Now I'm wondering if Sergei was surprised to see it, in ‘real life’ etc.
    • I was surprised, wondering if there was anything wrong with me.
    • But, because of my past, I think it took a lot of people by surprise. They wondered what was happening to me.
    • I was shocked, surprised, and still wondering how he had found me - he had just stepped out of the shadows, saving the day.
    • I opened my mouth in surprise, wondering why she changed topics so quickly.
    • I nodded, surprised, and wondering why I'd confide in a teacher, then grabbled my backpack and left the classroom.
    • Andy looked at Tarah in surprise, wondering how she had made the connection.
    • Taro looked at her in surprise, clearly wondering why she was telling him this.
    • Surprised, I wondered why something wasn't burning.
    • The girl halted in surprise and wondered as the white-haired new comer approached her timidly.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (ask oneself)
    I wonder whose book this is ¿(me pregunto) de quién será / podrá ser este libro?
    • I wonder what he looks like ¿cómo será?
    • I wonder why he does it ¿por qué lo hará?
    • I wonder why I bother no sé por qué me molesto
    • I wonder if / whether he'll be there me pregunto si estará
    • I wonder whether I should take an umbrella no sé si llevar un paraguas o no
    • we were wondering if you'd like to come around to dinner estábamos pensando si te gustaría venir a casa a cenar
    • she wondered what to write no sabía qué escribir
    • Those of us who live in the provinces wonder at the obsessive efforts of some Tory politicians to ingratiate themselves with that lobby.
    • Children wonder at the crossings as the light-blinking boom-gates close for the pistons.
    • He would wonder at the human body's capacity to do all that and more!
    • For starters, there is all this football on TV but much of it is not free and I wonder at times where people get all the money from to afford it.
    • But when you drive it, you wonder at first what all the fuss is about.
    • Although in this day of split families and single parent up bringing, I wonder at times if it is now considered less so.
    • Furthermore, one might wonder at the odd ratios of athletic facilities at our school.
    • We shouldn't wonder at the sight of women holding the shotgun and firing.
    • Yes, I wonder at how the work gets accomplished because of all the hoops and loops that one needs to pass through.
    • He shrugs in the way a pop star might wonder at the fuss being made over playing to full houses every night.
    • They are always going to be with us so we ought not to wonder at some of the anomalous antics of the few.
    • I remember each time there was an election in Iran I would see and wonder at all the big posters of the candidates in the street in Tehran.
    • With those statistics, it's only natural to wonder at what point Orpheus is no longer really Orpheus.
    • As I look back on the last five years, I wonder at what would have happened had we chosen different paths.
    • Older Catholics who had these prayers drilled into their heads as children may wonder at the point of such a book.
    • But I wonder at what point does this pass the line from art to trick?
    • In fact, we wonder at this point about the use of a business model of production and consumption.
    • Anyone who spotted the black van would wonder at why it seemed to be vibrating as it chugged down the road.
    • I wonder at what point does knowledge in my brain become encoded within my muscles.
    • I bit my bottom lip and start to wonder at what exact point I started to fall for him?
  • 2

    (be amazed)
    I wonder (that) she didn't fire you on the spot me sorprende que no te haya echado inmediatamente
    • I don't wonder you were upset! ¡como para no estar disgustado!


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    (drug/cure) milagroso