Translation of wonderful in Spanish:


maravilloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwəndərfəl/ /ˈwʌndəfʊl/ /ˈwʌndəf(ə)l/

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    we had a wonderful time lo pasamos maravillosamente / fenomenal / de maravilla
    • I feel wonderful me siento maravillosamente bien / de maravilla
    • she's wonderful for her age está fantástica para su edad
    • he was wonderful as the grandfather estuvo genial en el papel del abuelo
    • you've all been so wonderful han sido todos tan increíblemente amables
    • you did it? that's wonderful! ¿lo lograste? ¡estupendo! / ¡qué maravilla!
    • It is a substantial piece of work and a wonderful, and inspiring, record of bravery.
    • If he's on the tube we can just mute the gabble and marvel at his wonderful face instead.
    • It was the very early stages of what has become an amazing and wonderful relationship.
    • What a wonderful thing fantasy is when we can suspend the responsibly rule for a while.
    • Her takes were wonderful and we were really delighted with what she did on set.
    • I had never been abroad before, and the few of my friends who had been had made it sound wonderful.
    • I turned up the music and let the car be filled with the wonderful sound of Aerosmith once more.
    • It had been such a wonderful day and the beautiful evening was its crowning glory.
    • Wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over her and she could not believe how wonderful it felt.
    • It will enrich the amazing melange of sounds that make up this wonderful new South Africa.
    • It's a wonderful idea to do this incredible and strange show around such pictures.
    • What a fantastic idea, and what a wonderful way to learn more about Roman history!
    • I have been in contact with a wonderful band who are very keen to come to Pewsey and play.
    • At the resort we met some wonderful folks that we hope we'll get a chance to see again.
    • It was wonderful to be alive and young on that sunny day after a close brush with death.
    • He has a wonderful work ethic and speed to burn, so like I say it is just a matter of time.
    • What a wonderful sight it was to see so many beautiful boats on the lough at the same time.
    • If it happens, it will be a first for the town and may turn out to be a wonderful idea.
    • How wonderful it would have been if we were to agree with each other on all the things.
    • It was wonderful to see a synagogue which had so far been only a word to me in the Bible.